Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Obama says testing is boring, Elton John is gay

I didn't vote for the guy, but I'm glad he finally said what everyone has been thinking since, oh I don't know, forever.  News flash everyone: testing makes learning boring.

I know!  I can't fucking believe it!  This entire time I was just duped into thinking that taking tests in school was better than shit like video games, or maybe even a pair of tits.  Finally, we have a visionary like Obama to remove the veil and show us that standardized testing is retarded.

All sarcasm aside, well maybe just most of it aside, Obama did make some good points on this.  Ever since Every Kid Dragged Along (No Child Left Behind), I've been telling people that more standardized testing in education is not the answer.  Like the president alluded to, standardized testing mostly just assesses how well a kid can take a standardized test.

I mean seriously, how much do you remember from the SAT?  Or how about the Proficiency Test (dating myself)?  I remember specifically that there was a citizenship portion on the Ohio Proficiency Test, and I know for fact that most people I've talked to don't know a god damned thing about American Government.  But they were tested on it, right?

Although I want to have Obama's oreo babies for shitting on standardized tests, I don't fully agree with everything he said here.  He mentioned something about interests having to do with education.  There's this movement in education, and I think it might have started in the 50's, where we all of the sudden need to play to kids' interests in school to get them to learn.

"I wonder if Boner plays WoW.  He's
probably a  pussy ally pally. Or a
drood . . ."
Question: is that how education used to be?  I mean, was that how education was for Aristotle?  Cicero?  Locke?  Edison?  Einstein?  Education for them was fairly rigid, and they are some of the greatest minds that have ever graced the planet.  Will there ever be another Aristotle or Locke?  Probably not.  And you know why?  Because teachers are buying into some huge shit-sandwich spawned by some theorist assholes that says kids need to be "entertained," while they learn, or they'll just tune it out.  Instead of stressing to kids that it's important to be able to critically think, we have to cater to their lack of discipline just to get them to pass to the next grade.

"Edutainment . . . " that's a dirty word in real intellectual circles.  It's like shouting "I fucked a gutter whore," in the middle of Mass, right before the priest washes his hands.  The problem isn't that education is boring, the problem is that American tard-culture is impressing upon them the idea that it is boring.  Video games, partying, and facebook are all far more entertaining, and therefore more important than education.  What is the product of that?  Jersey Shore. 

I got this from an ad about the horiffic consequences 
of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

Check it: education is fun when you realize it gives you the tools to make fun of idiots.  If you get a good education, you get to guffaw at the morons who protest funerals, or the dipshits that think egalitarianism originated in, and is exclusive to, French culture.  We don't need to make education "fun," we just need to make it valuable again.  We need to remind kids that being a fucking moron sucks.  I know it's hard to do that when fucktards get rewarded for being wastes of brain matter.  Paris Hilton.  Jessica Simpson.  Snookie.  The Situation.  Anyone who's ever been on an MTV reality show.

That's part of the reason I write and I make fun of idiots.  We need to be reminded that they're out there, waiting for their next reward for not being able to think.  Someone needs to remind them that they are, in fact, worthless and only contribute to the moronification (Orwell would be proud) of American society.


Goan Fuck Yourself said...

Jesus doesn't exist, you are a fucking moron, and you need to rapture yourself, you ignorant cunt.

Karen Howes said...

Dear Jack, thanks for visiting my blog. I love yours!

GREAT entry-- as a teacher, I'm 100% with you on this. Education is not supposed to be "fun"!

Jack Camwell said...

Dear Go Fuck Yourself,
Thank you so much for showing me that I was right to start up this blog. It's wonderful people like yourself that keep things like this going. Unlike my articles, your response is very well put together and is clearly indicative of someone who is far more enlightened than me.

I truly appreciate the care and contemplation that you must have taken when reading my articles. Your intellectual prowess is clearly evident from the careful construction and insightful content of your post. I look foreward to any further vindication that you wish to spit up on my blog.

Karen, I'm going to follow your blog. I'll figure out how to put up link or something.