Sunday, March 27, 2011

Think you're special because you're an atheist?

Really?  This is your best argument?
Since it's Sunday, the next group of people I'm going to alienate is atheists.  Well, at least the arrogant atheists that think they're smarter than theists just because they don't believe in God.

Now, I’m not going to go so far as to call you stupid, because most atheists tend to be fairly intelligence people.  I am, however, going to say that many of you are unimaginative, arrogant assholes.

Let me pose to you a simple question.  Do you really think that human understanding and perception is the absolute pinnacle of thought and existence?  I mean is your argument simply that because we humans can’t possibly understand something that exists beyond our perception that God can’t possibly exist?

How does anything exist?  Where do we come from and what’s the origin of the universe?  Can the universe truly be infinite?  Why would you just assume that because something seems far fetched, or not provable by science, that it just can’t possibly exist?

With the exception of the last question I posed, those questions are ones to which we have no definitive answers.  Why?  Because we’re human, and despite our amazing capacity to reason and understand the world around us, we do not have the means to answer those questions.

When you make the decision to be an atheist, a part of what makes you human dies.  You inevitably limit your imagination, and without an imagination you’re stunted in your intellectual growth.  You might scoff at me and think I’m stunted in my intellectual growth because I allow myself to believe in a creator that exists beyond the physical realm of reality as we perceive it, but I know that’s not true because I’m probably about seventeen times smarter than most atheists.  Oh, and my superior intellect has nothing to do with my belief in God.

Completely hypocritical and counter-productive of me,
but I couldn't resist.
Whether or not you believe in God doesn’t have any reflection on your level of intelligence.  Some of the greatest minds in history believed in God, and they could run intellectual circles around any atheist.  If you’re content to limit your mind simply because the concept of God is something you can’t understand, then please by all means continue to be a close-minded douche.

Now I’m not trying to support the commonly accepted concept of God, that he’s a being who constantly imposes his will upon existence.  And I’m certainly not trying to give credence to moral hypocrisy.  I do agree that most God-fearing people are only moral so that they don’t get eternally punished.  However, when you ask yourself the question "where did this existence begin," you’re left in wont, because you hit a wall that science cannot penetrate.  You’re left only able to answer "I don’t know."  Your certainty that there is no god is just as bad as the certainty that many Christians have that there is a god.

I hate to break it to you, but when the human mind has reached its capacity for understanding you have to logically conclude that there are things that exist even though you can’t understand it.

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