Saturday, April 30, 2011

Apparently, “Town Hall Meeting,” is code for “lets all be belligerent assholes”

I have absolutely no problem with citizens in a democratic society vocalizing their concerns, opinions, or frustrations to their representatives.  What the hell would be the point of even calling them “representatives,” if people didn’t or weren’t allowed to tell them how to represent them?

That being said, I’m not a fascist, nor am I an “authoritarian,” Republican.  So when I say “how about you sit your dumbass down until you can conduct yourself like an adult,” you know it’s not because I want to stifle debate or silence opinion.

On the contrary, telling these morons that they need to shut the fuck up would increase the promulgation of opinion and enhance debate.  Of course, I’m speaking about the town hall meetings over the budget proposal, specifically the part that wants to turn Medicare into a voucher program.  By all accounts, the Democrat citizens going to these meetings are not just “asking questions,” like the folks at Crooks and Liars are claiming.  These people are disrupting these meetings by shouting, heckling, and booing the Representatives.

If there are any liberals who read this blog, I just want you to know that I am in no way, shape, or form, biased.  When the whole healthcare thing was going down, I thought that the people carrying guns to town hall meetings and shitting allover the congressmen and women were also fools.

These people aren’t fools because they’re angry or concerned.  They’re not even fools for wanting to be heard.  They’re fools because they are going about it in an entirely counterproductive way.  I’m sorry, but debate and persuasive speech do not include calling Allen West a war criminal, nor do they include shouting to the point where the meeting becomes pointless.

If you look at this objectively, this guy
is a moron.
Use a little logic, you fucking idiots.  Do you think the Republicans would even be holding these town hall meetings if they thought everyone loved the Medicare idea?  Don’t you think that they know full well that just about everyone thinks it’s an insanely shitty idea?  They’re not interested in your anger, your protest signs, or your bullshit.  They’re interested in your thoughts (supposedly).  They also want you to listen to what they have to say about it.  They want to answer your questions.

What’s funny about this is that Liberals shit allover Tea Partiers and others who angrily disrupted the town hall meetings over the healthcare bill.  Apparently, being angry and disruptive is only okay as long as it’s for your cause or political ideology.

What I find amazing with all of this is how these petulant children have basically vindicated history.  Over 200 years ago the Founding Fathers all posited that the people were fucking morons, “reptiles basking in the sun,” one of them posited.  They knew that representative government, a republic, was preferable to pure democracy because mob rule would surely have ensued, and then everyone would be screwed.

These idiots proved them right.  Instead of asking intelligent questions they shout and boo.  How is this reasoned debate?  How is this in any way indicative of rational discourse?  Let me remind my readers that I think all of these people have every right to be upset and indignant.  The Medicare plan sounds fairly horrible to me, and I think that there has to be a better way (what that is, admittedly I don’t know).

If you look at this objectively, these guys are morons.
So be mad, be indignant.  Ask questions, and press your Representatives for information and answers.  Let your Representatives know that this shit will cost them your vote.  But please, PLEASE stop acting like fucking jackasses.  Democrats, all you’re doing is circle jerking each other and making yourselves look like assholes. 

Let’s be realistic here.  They know you’re not going to vote for them anyway.  The only people’s opinions that they give a shit about are 55+ Republicans and independents.  And given the poor reception of this plan, they’re likely going to scrap it.  Oh, and if they do scrap it, don’t pretend like it’s some grand Democrat Party victory, because again, they already know you’re going to shit allover any idea that comes out of a Republican’s mouth anyway.


Silverfiddle said...

I saw some of the footage of the town halls during the last "summer of rage" and it looked pretty sincere to me. People were mad, but they had pointed questions and a purpose.

Much of this current town hall rage smacks of liberal agitprop. Liberals are unimaginative and will always try to do whatever the opponent last did to them.

GOP tried to deligitimize Clinton, so the libs did the same to Bush.

Jack Camwell said...

Lack of imagination is definitely something they, and any radical on any side, suffers from.

Extreme ideologues can't imagine someone as smart as them coming to a different conclusion.

I actually had a good conversation with someone on Crooks and Liars last night (I was censured again because I responded to someone who attacked my intelligence). This guy mentioned the difference between Plato and Aristotle, that Plato thought that nothing can ever be known, and Aristotle felt that we could know things through empiricism.

To this I said "what? Two extremely intelligent and enlightened men arrived at vastly different conclusions? Clearly one of them must be a total dumbass." I think they all got the point.

TonyFernandez said...

The Code Pink method has grown in popularity. Hecklers just need to be kicked out. They do not deserve to be at these places.

Jack Camwell said...

Thanks for stopping by Tony. I think there's no place for that sort of rediculousness in politics, and I agree that they need to be booted.

Of course, Republicans are being accused of being fascist and what not, but what can you do?

Harrison said...

Lot of Astroturfing going on:

Jack Camwell said...

Haha, good find Harrison. But that sort of tomfoolery is alright as long as it's a liberal right? Any time a Republcan does something like that it's considered "subversive," and "childish."


Jack Camwell said...

Oh, also I was pissed because I was the one censured when I was the one that was attacked. They tried to paint me as "fomenting" conflict, and as being in opposition, but as I stated over and over, I was in 100% agreement with the article.

Down is up and left is right over there apparently.