Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Blame Canada! Or in this case, Sarah Palin!

Isn't this just a little ironic?
Now, I don’t have the highest opinion of Sarah Palin, but I’m actually going to come to her defense on something.  I was reading an article today about Gabrielle Giffords, the congresswoman who was shot by that psychopath Jared Loughner a few months back, and I got to thinking about the aftermath of that whole ordeal.

Some people, we’ll call those people jackasses, blamed Sarah Palin for the shooting, or at least insinuated that it was partially her fault, because of some campaign shit she did where she had a graphic depicting congressional districts in gun crosshairs.  Pundits posited that Palin’s graphic was partially to blame, because Giffords’ district happened to be one of those in the crosshairs.

So these asshats logically conclude that Loughner, a complete fucking psycho, was spurred on by Palin’s little campaign ploy.  Let me just say that although the logic of an assumption might be true, it doesn’t mean that you’re less of a dumbass for making the assumption.

I get it: Sarah Palin says some really dumb shit, she’s an agitator (akin to Wendell Phillips or perhaps more to William Jennings Bryan) and she says shit that instigates controversy.  But can we honestly blame her for the actions of a psychopath?

Fucking Psychopath
Jared Loughner is clearly insane.  While he was at college, he displayed erratic behavior including arguing with his math professor over the meaning of the number 6.  He was eventually kicked out for constantly disrupting class with his vitriolic messages about wild government conspiracies.  The man was unstable, or as I like to call it “jacked in the fucking brain.”  He was a ticking time-bomb waiting to go off, and it was only a matter of time and convenience.  Loughner had also apparently crashed public events of Giffords’ before he shot her.

Now, I’m fairly fucking certain that all of this was going on before Palin did her little crosshair bit.  And even so, do we honestly think that this guy would not have done what he did if the crosshair thing never existed?  This guy is a certified wack-job, and my keen intuition of human nature tells me that the crosshair shit had nothing to do with it.  I mean, did this guy even see the crosshair map?  Does he even like Sarah Palin?  He probably thinks that Sarah Palin is one of the grand conspirators.

The problem with all this is that we’re into this whole culture of accountability thing, where we try to blame as many people as possible for the failures of others.  Kids are sucking ass in school?  Well it’s gotta be the teacher’s fault, society, the parents, and the government for inadequately funding schools.  It can’t possibly be the kids’ fault, right?  It couldn’t be that the kids just don’t give a shit, right?

And with this Loughner situation, we’re trying to say that a fucking crosshair graphic in a campaign spurred this maniac to actually shoot the Congresswoman?  We’re trying to say that it’s Palin’s fault for making politics so spiteful and vitriolic?  I don’t believe that for a second.  Palin is a creature of the wind: she’s going to go whichever direction it is blowing, because that will get her the most attention.  I’m not a Palin fan, but lets not blame her for shit that is clearly not her fault.  What was that movie with Clint Eastwood where John Malkovich’s character tries to kill the President?  Clear and Present Danger I think (I could search for it, but I’m lazy).  Are we going to blame Hollywood every time someone tries to assassinate the president?

In short, fuck no.  Loughner is psychotic, and he did what he did on his own volition.  He likely would have done it even if Palin’s little crosshair map had never existed.  If you don’t believe that then you need to take a break from politics, because you’re clearly way too caught up in Partisan bullshittery.

How about we blame Loughner for being a batshit crazy nut-job rather than some hot Alaskan woman who gets her jollies from tweeting made up words.  Two words: Personal Responsibility.

Exhibit A, I guess


Silverfiddle said...

Liberal stupidity is an endless stream...

Harrison said...

Democrats had plenty of "bullseyes" on their websites, too.

Liberals are just good at passing the buck.

Bastiatarian said...

>What was that movie with Clint Eastwood where John Malkovich’s character tries to kill the President?

"In The Line of Fire" (1993)

Jack Camwell said...

Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for giving me the name of the movie =)