Thursday, April 7, 2011

Do I look like an illegal immigrant to you???

Do not stop for hitch-hikers I guess . . .
 I’m sure that by even trying to rationally address racial profiling that some people are going to immediately brand me as either a racial profiler or a racist.  So for those of you who toss me in to that category, I extend the same invitation that I gave to France yesterday.  For the rest of you who actually listen, let’s talk about the new anti-illegal-immigration laws that are in the works in Alabama. 

In brief, the laws would allow the state and private businesses in the state to run checks on people to verify if they are in the country legally.  So if you’re caught breaking the law, the police can check your shit out.  If you apply for a job, the business can check your shit out.  Well apparently this is some sort of giant violation to civil rights somehow. 

Some people seem to think that this sort of thing promotes racial profiling, which of course was one of the big issues that people had with Arizona’s crackdown.  I’ll admit that Arizona’s laws seemed a bit, oh I don’t know, Nazi-Germanyish, but I’m not so sure about this one.  Let’s just think logically about this whole racial profiling thing, as it pertains to illegal immigration.

He's probably originally
from Boston, Mass.
 I’m going to take a wild-ass-guess (WAG) here, and say that most of the illegal immigrants in Alabama are of a Hispanic or Latin persuasion.  I mean Alabama is pretty damn close to Texas, and it’s right above Florida.  We all know that Florida gets some swimmers visiting from Castro’s Communist Paradise, so I think my demographic assumptions are fairly reasonable, yes?

That being said, if a police officer picks up two guys for the same crime, one of them is white and speaks with a southern accent, and the other is Hispanic and doesn’t speak very much English, which one would you think would have the higher potential to be an illegal immigrant?

Now that’s not to say that every Hispanic/Latino person in America who doesn’t know a lick of English is necessarily an illegal immigrant.  But when your state has problems with that sort of thing, and the closest place to you is a Hispanic/Latin country, what the hell are they supposed to do?  Is it really racial profiling, or is it just using some god damned common sense?

It’s not like they’re bringing out the Gestapo and running through the ghetto, rounding up everyone who looks Latino or speaks Spanish, and forcing them to register with the Reich.  The way to solve the racial profiling question is to make it standard procedure to check citizenship status for anyone that gets picked up by the cops, and for anyone applying for a job.  Problem solved.

To prove a point, I did an image search for "redneck
douche," and this is what came up.  He's definitely
from Juarez.
 It would probably end up being a colossal waste of time to check every back-water, three toothed yokel with a confederate flag tattoo named Jim Billy Lee, but since when has the government been all about efficiency?


Karen Howes said...

Profiling is what people do NATURALLY. If you're walking down a dark, deserted street and you're approached by either

a) a middle-aged white guy in a nice suit

b) a 75-year-old woman with a cane

c) a black guy with baggy pants, a backwards hat, wallet chain, and tattoos

Which one are you going to instinctively be wary of?

C. Not because I'm racist, but because experience tells me that he's the most likely of the three to be a criminal.

But leftists, in their cotton-candy fantasy land of unicorns and rainbows, don't think people should take experience into account.

Jack Camwell said...

Hold on just one damn second . . .

You mean to tell me we DON'T live in a land of unicorns and rainbows?!


Harrison said...

I've seen that sign when I've been in San Diego. At least they're married with child, right?

Jack Camwell said...

Hi-freaking-larious. I would piss myself if I saw a sign like that.