Monday, April 25, 2011

Dumbass Idea of the Week

ROFL Waffle!

Apparently in some governments, animal sacrifice is still kosher.  Members of Kyrgyzstan's parliament slaughtered 7 rams to banish evil spirits.  I guess someone forgot to tell them that we're no longer in 800 B.C..  Lots of luck to their parliament, I guess . . .

Boy what a mess this would have been . . .


Karen Howes said...


Though, as someone who despises American "football", I wouldn't miss these guys a bit.

KP said...

Karen -- cool blog. Best wishes to you.

On sport: I dig American football but didn't like playing it much. I loved playing futbol but am not interested in watching it on TV unless it is late in World Cup. I love beach volleyball and enjoy watching the womens two man teams from Brasil. I like participating in swimming and cyling and watching them as well. Cricket is not interesting to me unless I am in New Zealand or OZ riding my bike and that is the only thing on the teli at the end of a 10hr day.

But who cares?!