Friday, April 15, 2011

Jesse Jackson and other Racist Assholes

Am I racist for this?
Actually this is just going to be about Jesse Jackson; I don’t really care about any other racist assholes.  And Jesse Jackson probably should not even be classified as a racist, especially once I give the operative definition from which we will have this little one-way discussion.  So that means he’s just an asshole.

Anywho, the working definition of a racist that we’ll use here is a person who believes that he/she is superior purely based on skin color, and subsequently hates other people who do not share the same skin color.  I sort of doubt that Jesse Jackson actually meets this criteria, but I also sort of doubt that he uses this criteria when he accuses people of being racist.

How the shit do I know this?  Well I suppose I’m just taking a stab in the dark, but let’s go over a few examples.  The one that I can recall the easiest is the whole flub over Lebron James.  When the coach, or owner or whoever, publicly lambasted Lebron for being a giant douche and keeping them all in the dark about his intentions, what did Jesse Jackson cry?  Racist.  Let’s explore some logical inconsistencies, shall we?  I’m going to list off a few situations, and I’m going to judge whether or not they are instances of racism as Jesse Jackson would see it.

A white guy is chosen over a black guy for a job because the white guy is more qualified: Racist.

A black guy is chosen over a white guy for a job because the black guy is more qualified:  Not Racist.

A black guy is chosen over a white guy for a job, although the black guy is less qualified:  Not Racist.

A white guy is chosen over a black guy for a job, although the white guy is less qualified: Racist.

A college scholarship based on the color of your skin: Not Racist (as long as you’re not white).

A month dedicated to the history of white people: Racist.

Black Entertainment Television: Not Racist.

White Entertainment Television: NBC, CBS, Fox, and ABC.

Anyway, you get the point.  I’m sure that there were some logical inconsistencies in there somewhere.  Some of those situations are judged correctly.  When a white guy gets a job over a black dude simply because he is white, that is racism, or at least prejudice.  When the N-bomb is dropped, it’s probably racially charged.  Those network television stations I listed do have an apparent lack of chocolate in the candy dish.  Here’s where you will all shit on me: when black people are shown preference based on their skin color, that’s also racist.

“But Jack, black people have been oppressed for a long ass time.  We’re just trying to make up for bullshit they put up with so that they can be on an equal footing with whites in America.”  Of course black people have a right to feel indignant about how they were treated.  If Jesse Jackson was simply asking for equal footing, then I wouldn’t even be writing this bullshit.  But what Jesse Jackson is calling for is a role reversal.  He’s asking that white people be discriminated against to make up for what they put black people through.

Saying that I should just take it, that it’s my turn to sit in the back of the bus, is as horrifying as it is retarded.  You’re not asking me to have compassion, and you’re not even asking me to be a good person.  You’re asking me to do what white people demanded black people to do: give up my right to be treated equally so that someone else can.  Is it so much to ask that everyone be handed a square deal without anyone having to sacrifice their rights?  I’m getting increasingly tired of being expected to pay for the mistakes of my ancestors, most of whom were idiots anyway.

Instead of fucking over one set of people for the benefit of another, how about we work to secure the common good?  “What is the common good?”  Thanks for asking yet again, hypothetical nay-sayer.  The common good is that set of conditions without which there can be no individual good.  My question to Jesse Jackson, grand arbiter of all things racially unjust: does that make me racist, you asshole?


Anonymous said...

Just a suggestion for your current C&L debate: Instead of using the word "convenience," try "birth control" instead. Few women will take offense with that phrase. While I don't agree with everything you put forth, I mostly agree with you. Especially your statement about being, in essence, fed up with people just spouting off as if their random thoughts make them intellectual stars. Go, Daddy.

Anonymous said...

Your argument becomes mute based upon your illogical premise put forth in paragraph two. Other than the Cultural Reference at the bottom the page where you infer the 'United States'..."whites against blacks" as your weirdly personal definition of racism nowhere, in any of the acceptable standard definitions you provide from is 'skin color' cited within. Therefore, your entire premise is bunk.

KP said...

In private, Jesse might say your article, and the scope, goes easy on Jesse.

Jack Camwell said...

To anonymous 1:

I didn't mean convenience in terms of birth control. When I said some women get abortions for reasons of convenience, I meant that they decide to terminate the pregnancy because having a baby at that point in their life, for whatever reason, is not convenient for them. In no way was I trying to imply that getting an abortion is more convenient than birth control.

To anonymous 2:

I purposely put that definition of racism in there to be ironic. I know that Jesse Jackson is not a racist, and the whole point was that he calls people racist that don't deserve it. The whole point of this article was to contrast his idea of what it means to be racist with the actual definition of racism.

In fact, anonymous 2, in paragraph 2 I actually say that I doubt that he meets the criteria of the definition of racism. And I used "skin color" generally. I fully understand the definition of racism.

So my argument is not "mute" (I think you meant moot?), it's just that you failed to see the irony and the entire point of the article.

And yes, KP, I am going a bit easy on him, but that's because I didn't want to do a ton of research on him. Sometimes I can be lazy =(