Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ji-freakin-had: What the hell do we make of it?

Miss USA 2010, a Muslim.  Her Sharia
can creep up on me any time =D
So people seem to be on pins and needles about the whole radical Islam thing, and I think it’s taking its toll on American society.  I got into a lengthy debate with the folks over at Capitol Commentary about radical Islam and the whole “creeping Sharia,” idea.  This is going to be a two-part post because this is a fucked up issue.  Part one is going to deal with the politics of this whole mess, and part two will deal with the actual religion itself.  I’m sure that both parts are going to get me shit on by various groups.

So lets talk about the political side of this whole cluster fuck.  We’ve got a problem in America, and it’s not Islam itself.  The problem is that Radical Islamists are plotting to pwn our shit, and we need to do stuff to keep them from faceraping us.  The problem has been that while we want to be able to investigate radical Islam in America, we run the risk of stereotyping and lumping in non-radical Muslims in with the shit heads.

This has caused some serious flak for politicians lately.  Apparently, someone was going to conjure up some indictments on some dudes that are accused of funding/donating to Hamas, a radical Islamic terrorist group.  What’s troubling, to me at least, is that someone at the Department of Justice apparently shit-canned that idea, and called off the investigation.

My initial reaction was: WTF?  I think it goes without saying that if we know someone to be funding a terrorist organization, we should probably stop that person from doing so.  Last I checked, not only is terrorism illegal, but I’m also pretty sure that funding terrorism is illegal as well.  So why in the fuck-shit would the DoJ halt the indictments?  Well, it’s political (just like everything on this shit planet).

Maybe he's looking at a picture of Rosie O'Donnel naked?
As the article states, Eric Holder, the guy calling the shots, doesn’t want to create a political shit storm.  So if he has any doubt whatsoever that American Muslims are contributing to terrorism, he says fuck it for the sake of not looking like a bigot.

I have to say that I don’t blame the poor bastard.  I’m a thoughtful guy, and Albert Camus taught me that you have to put a lot of contemplation in something before you act on it.  Although I personally believe that the guys investigating radical Islam in America are probably not bigots, we do need to tread carefully with this who ordeal.  I would wager to guess that most American Muslims are not radical, and that they think what’s going on in the Middle East is retarded at best.

I mean let’s just think about this logically for a second.  American Muslims have two options.  Option 1: they can continue to lead prosperous lives, free to believe or do whatever the hell they want without fear of the government stoning them (so long as they’re not hurting anyone or conspiring to do so).  Option 2: they can advocate a radical Muslim theocracy where they would likely be disenfranchised by Islamic Despots, and they’d most assuredly not be able to live out their lives in prosperity and freedom.

Who has tasted prosperity and freedom and wants to give it up?  Now we can say, “oh well for Muslims, Islam is more important than all of that.”  Whatever.  They’re humans just like the rest of us.  When I was over in Dubai, I saw several Muslims, in traditional Arab garb, downing beers at the Hard Rock Café Dubai.  If a Muslim is given freedom, he or she will live his life the way most people do in Western Civilization.

How can I be sure?  Well, I have some Muslim friends who are as normal as anyone else.  Some former neighbors of mine were Muslim, straight from Israel, and I had to constantly come over to help them set up their new technology shit (computers, baller LCD TV, etc).  The woman was so nice and so generous, and she always felt bad because she had nothing to give me for my time (not that I desired any compensation).  That woman is obviously a terrorist.

Definitely a terrorist.
So the point of part 1 is that we need to be very, very careful when we go around accusing people of being into radical Islam.  There might be a lot of nut-job Muslims in America, but my guess is that most of them just want to lead their lives unmolested, if only so that they can enjoy the fruits of Western Civilization. 

I don’t blame the government for trying to tread carefully on investigating this shit, but I also think that they need to be somewhat courageous about it.  They’re going to hurt some feelings, they’re going to be called bigots, but as long as their hearts are in the right place, and they’re not trying to disenfranchise all American Muslims, then I think we can cut them some slack.

Tomorrow, I’m going to talk about how radical Islam is a perversion of Islam itself, and how just as nut-job Christians, throughout history, have interpreted Christianity to justify their horseshit, so too have radical Muslims interpreted Islam to justify being douche bags.


Silverfiddle said...

I agree. This is not an easy issue. There are Muslims here who want to kill us, and there are even more here who want to change our society.

I also have never known a "bad" Muslim. I've even had a few Muslim friends, all when I was in the Military. one of my favorite bosses was a Shia whose family came from Pakistan. I think the country is a hateful pit of vipers and scorpions, but I doubt that colonel's patriotism and loyalty not at all.

Harrison said...

Interesting you post a photo of Miss USA. Even though she lives in Michigan, she has a ton of family members in Hamas, a terrorist organization:

That's the problem... many Muslims or "charity" organization may or not be legit but when you take one step back you'll almost always find Islamic terrorists in the background.

Rima Fakih might be okay but as Sting sang:

"Cancer lurks deep in the sweetest bud."

KP said...

I read the entire thread you refer to as it unfolded. You were thoughtful and fair. At some point, close minded people, (from both sides) will make their opposition's point for them.

KP said...

And that is a sweet bud!

Jack Camwell said...

Thank you for all your comments gents. I would address them here, but I think part 2 might cover a lot of the things you address.

I will also make part 2 coincide with Easter somehow, seeing as how I unwittingly designed that it would fall on Easter Sunday.