Friday, April 29, 2011

Keep your damn fingers out of my food

I love it when someone tries to prove to me that I’m an idiot by using a retarded argument.  On Crooks and Liars the other day, I got into a big argument with one of the regulars there.  I can’t even remember what the topic at hand was, but someone mentioned that Republicans are “authoritarian.”

I’ll buy that for a quarter.  It’s pretty damn ironic that the party claims they want government to stay out of people’s business, but at the same time tries to impose certain moral standards on people (gay marriage).  However, when I mentioned that Democrats are also authoritarian, I was met with a huge backlash.  Someone challenged me to produce an example of Democrats being authoritarian, so I mentioned how Democrats want to limit the sodium content in food.

Look, I understand that too much salt can be dangerous for your health.  I know that high sodium diets can lead to hypertension and other issues.  I am not trying to say that too much salt is a good thing.  What I am trying to say, however, is that we should not be told how much salt we are allowed to have in our food.  What’s more, the government trying to force a food manufacturing company to alter its food recipe is 100% authoritarian.

This is the average Democrat, prepared to
save us from ourselves!
There is no way to get around the logic on this one.  Sodium, while unhealthy in large quantities, is a necessary part of our diet in moderation.  A dumb ass woman who was trying to argue this whole point with me gave me a link to what Mayo clinic has to say about sodium, and even on the link it says that sodium is only unhealthy in large amounts.

The main argument she presented to me was that limiting sodium is akin to food safety standards.  Her examples of food safety standards?  Rat shit and bug parts.  She actually tried to compare limiting sodium quantities to limiting the amount of rat shit and bug parts.  It sounded fairly fucking asinine to me just on the surface, but the logic doesn’t even add up.

Limiting the amount of acceptable rat shit and bug parts in our food is a food safety standard that regulates the production standards.  Limiting the amount of sodium in food is altering the product itself, because sodium is an ingredient.  Last I checked, rat shit is generally not an ingredient in any manufactured food.  And I’m pretty certain that while salt is necessary for our diets in moderation, rat shit is never a part of a complete balanced breakfast.  Can someone please tell me I’m not going insane?!

Another part of the argument (note, this was not her argument) is that people can just add as much salt as they want to their food anyway.  One guy says that it actually gives us more freedom, because we would be able to choose how much salt is in our rat shit.  Okay, that actually makes logical sense.  But how many people are going to salt their lunch meats?  How many people are going to salt their pretzels and chips?  Don’t we see how retarded and impractical that becomes?

My question is what’s next?  Are we going to limit the amount of sugar in manufactured products?  Better yet, lets mandate that only certain types of sugar are okay to use, this way we can cut down on diabetes.  Or how about we mandate that alcoholic beverages can only contain so much alcohol so we can lower the risks of cirrhosis or drunk driving?  Maybe we should make toy companies only manufacture toys that are impossible to swallow, so that no child will ever be in danger of choking on a toy.

Found this one when I image searched "FDA."  Perfect.
All of those examples, including sodium, are situations in which people need to exercise their own personal judgment, rather than the government telling them what’s best for them.  Guess what: I eat processed foods and shit, and my body reacts perfectly fine to the level of sodium.  My blood pressure is perfect, and I’m a fairly healthy guy.  Now the government wants to make my bologna taste like card board rat shit simply because someone can’t say “no,” and buy the low-sodium shit, or better yet pick an option that is altogether healthier than bologna?

Fuck that.

“One meal at Chili’s contains your entire required serving of sodium per day!!!”  Answer: don’t eat at fucking Chili’s.  Better yet, do a little planning with your diet.  If you know you’re going to be eating a salt block (like the ones people put out for deer) at dinner, then eat something low in sodium for breakfast and lunch.  Is it really that fucking hard?

Washington: stay out of food recipes.  Keep on limiting rat shit and bug parts through production safety standards, but stay out of how my food tastes.   And Democrats: I fucking get it, sodium can be unhealthy if not consumed in moderation.  You know what else can be unhealthy if consumed in excess?  Water.


KP said...

For each step the government makes to protect us from ourselves there are unintended consequences. An average person sweats between 0.8 to 1.4 liters (roughly 27.4 to 47.3 ounces) per hour during exercise. What does that mean? Well, an average water bottle holds 20 ounces of fluid. The highest human sweat rate recorded is 5 liters (169 ounces) per hour measured on a resting body in a hot environment. HUGE variability!

And what do we lose in sweat? We lose sodium (salt) and other electrolytes. Hyponatremia is a low concentration of sodium in the blood. Adequate salt balance is necessary for transmitting nerve impulses and proper muscle function. Even slight depletion can cause problems.

Studies have shown that athletes can lose 1000 to 2000 milligrams of salt per liter of sweat. If you consider that athletes may lose up to a liter (or more) of sweat each hour, you can see that it is not unimaginable that an athlete could sweat out a thousands of milligrams of sodium per hour. Personally, when I know I will be sweating for extended periods of time I take salt pills at the rate of 1200 milligrams an hour and replace fluids lost.

Warning signs of hyponatremia are often subtle and may include nausea, muscle cramps, disorientation, slurred speech, confusion, and inappropriate behavior. At this point, many athletes get into trouble by drinking water because they think they are dehydrated. In fact, water alone will increase the problem of hyponatremia. At the most extreme an athlete may experience seizures, coma, or death.

My point, if we can learn to replace fluids and sodium during exercise under enormous variability from person to person, we can also avoid ingesting too much sodium by eating healthfully and paying attention. Sodium needs are variable. The government doesn’t know how much sodium I need. I suggest each of us drink at least a half gallon of plain water a day. If you are not exercising and are not getting enough salt you will crave it. That is normal. If you exercise for prolonged periods you likely need to supplement sodium from a sports drink or through pills/caplets. I, in the rare case, salt cravings are excessive and continue I would suggest a person consult a physician and be checked for adrenal insufficiency or kidney disease.

As always, watch your blood pressure.

Jack Camwell said...

Thank you for confirming my suspiscion that I am not, in fact, going crazy.

And remember to always get your daily serving of rat shit kids!

KP said...

Indeed. You are not going crazy. The government regulating salt in foods is cray.

Silverfiddle said...

I got kicked off of kooks and criers years ago. I blogged about it here:

Banned from a liberal kook site

Did you see the news today? The federal government ran a sting operation on Amish farmers for selling unpasteurized milk to people who asked for unpasteurized milk.

Illegal immigrants walk free, and Obama chooses not to enforce federal drug laws or prosecute voter intimidation, but they go after farmers trading with free people...

Jack Camwell said...

LMFAO. I know it's sad, but I can't help but laugh when I imagine an unpasteurized milk sting.

Harrison said...

Because Liberals are trying to "help" people by running their lives they think they are doing charity work. By reminding people that we should have the freedom to screw up and ruin ourselves, we are considered "authoritarian."

Jack Camwell said...

They just say that we're not "compassionate," or "amoral."

They would all seriously be happy if everyone was forced to believe what they believe. I think many of them would prefer Brave New World to a world of free-thinking people.