Friday, April 8, 2011

The little shit deserved it!

I know that there is some serious shit going on right now that would probably be a lot more relevant to talk about, but let’s face it: everyone is talking about the potential government shut down, so why should I?  Instead, I’ve decided to cover something a little less intense.

So there’s an eight year old kid at some school in Colorado, and he starts throwing chairs at his teachers.  Then he starts shouting obscenities at them and threatening them.  The teachers try to calm the kid down, but when he becomes violent they take the other kids out of the room and hole up in the office.  The little freak starts trying to bust the door down with the chairs, so naturally they call the police. 

But wait, it gets better.  This kid gets some sort of stick, like a broom handle or something, and sharpens it.  When the police arrived they tried to talk him down, and he said “come get me fuckers!”  So what do the cops do?  They pepper spray him.

I have one thing to say about that: ROFLSTOMPED.

Normally I wouldn’t write about a story like this, but this has some larger implications I think.  So the mom and the kid go onto some day-time talk show, and their message was “they shouldn’t have done that.”  This, my friends, is a case study in my on-going mission to convince my readers that most Americans are retarded.

This woman’s kid goes on a fucking rampage in school, in the style of Jack Nicholson in the Shining, and she thinks that they were excessive?  What the fuck else should they have done?  The cops tried to talk the kid down as he was brandishing a sharpened object which he admittedly intended to use to stab them.  He actually said that when he heard the cops were coming, he got the stick and sharpened it as a weapon to fend them off.

News Flash: Your kid sucks.
 Kids these days are fucking out of control.  When you hear about kids like him, or the 7 and 8 year old boy that raped a 2 year old girl, or the 11 year old kid that murdered his parents, you have to wonder “what in the flying fuck is going on at home?”  My guess is that they’ve got this notion that their parents will shield them from the concomitant harm their actions bear.  We’ve gone soft on our kids.  Parents don’t seem to give a damn about discipline or even teaching their kids that their actions have serious consequences in the real world.

I spank my kids.  Yes, yes I am a barbarian.  My kids are going to grow up to be violent little mass-murderers just like me.  Oh wait, I’m not a violent mass-murderer.  I was spanked growing up though, and the funny thing is, about 99% of my friends and family were all spanked growing up as well.  Isn’t it funny that I don’t know any mass murderers?

The bottom line is that little shit head deserved it.  “Jack, you arrogant, hypocritical asshole.  If that were your kid you’d be doing the same thing they are.”  HTNS: fuck you.  If my kid was acting like that then I’d shake the cops’ hands for pepper spraying him.  I love my children more than anything, but if they’re going to break the rules and display such a flagrant disregard for other people, then they deserve whatever they get.  I’d rather them get pepper sprayed than pistol whipped.

What’s worse about this is that his mother is completely retarded.  When she arrived at the scene, she was quoted as saying “well you probably deserved it.”  What.  The.  Shit?  This woman probably saw an opportunity to get on TV and she took it.  Either that, or she hasn’t got enough backbone to stick to her guns.

I’m sorry, but that kid got what he deserved.  Maybe if we stop coddling our kids so much and actually teach them about the value of life and liberty, then perhaps they won’t turn out to be sociopaths at age 8.  That might just be wishful thinking though.


Anonymous said...


spelling warning, im in a hurry.

You have taken an inscident of stupidity and asked us whats going on with american kids? Well, the majority of the american kids dont act like this, its jut the onse that do that we hear about.

Since there are more and more kids... we hear about the really wild ones.

9.5/10 kids will never even think about acting like this kid did. It does WAY more harm than good to publicis this shit than it does to make a small blip about it and move on with life.

"idiot child taken down with pepper spray". thats all that was needed. a spot on daytime television??? no.... thats not needed.

I did get a treat and was able to watch daytime tv for a while, i was like... wtf.

they are advertising to us that our toilet paper needs to get us clean.... REALLY?! OHMYGOD

This kind of shit is put on TV to accomplish 2 things.
1. Make you Dumber for listening to it.
2. In your weekend state you will be more inclined to purchase the crap they sell during the breaks.....

TV is what TV has always been, an idiot box. You will get some occasional good shows, but frankly, i find its better to wait until they are over and buy the DVD (dexter, lost etc). some few exceptions are discovery, history and cartoon network (yes cartoon network... they dont lie about being geared towards developing minds). but even then, reality tv is creeping in on them.

I could rant on for days about how consumerism is ruing america... THAT is some shit to talk about :).

I used to love Fight club for one reason, now i like it for another. "Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don't need"

once you take that to heart.... the world gets simpler.


Jack Camwell said...

Take it from a guy who's worked with the current youth of America: MANY of them are shit heads. In fact, I'd probably venture to guess that at least 40% of kids today in America are shit heads.

So if any of my readers are under the age of 21, and if you're a shit head, then please stop being a shit head.