Sunday, April 10, 2011

Something positive for once

I know I write a lot of invective shit for your edification, but this time I want to actually write something positive.  I can’t be all spiteful all the time, no matter how amusing I may find it.

I actually like Pope Benedict XVI.  At least I think he’s the sixteenth.  Anyway, I’m a total nerd for him for two reasons.  You should be able to guess the first . . . no?  Well I love him because not too long ago, he publicly announced his conclusion that belief in evolution does not conflict with belief in God.

According to this, man evolved into a creepy porn addict.
I know all the anti-Catholic, Protestant douche bags out there are probably thinking that he’s the anti-Christ for suggesting such a thing, and I suppose they are right to do so in the context of their feeble little minds.  That’s a huge thing for a man of God to come out and admit.  What? science and religion don’t have to be on opposite sides?  Science is a creation of God?  The Adam and Eve story is allegory?!  OMFG my world is now coming to an end!  He’s doing the work of Satan!

Actually, it’s more likely that he just uses his brain and realizes that some things just don’t add up, and that the stories of creation were written in a way that the peoples of 5,000 years ago could understand.

The second reason I’m a nerd for him is because he says that Jews cannot be held responsible for Jesus’ crucifixion.  Boy, must Mel Gibson’s face be red!  Should we blame all Christians for the holocaust?  Should we blame all Muslims for 9/11, or all people descended from ancient Romans for crucifying Jesus?  The answer to all of those is no, but I can’t help but feel like shit inside knowing that there are morons who would answer yes to any of those.

I have not a fucking clue as to who these guys are, but they
came up in the image search, and they both look intelligent
and Catholic.
Anyway, it’s not that I have a particular soft-spot for Jews, or that I just really want to believe in evolution.  I like old boy Benny because he is bringing back the Catholic Intellectual Tradition.  He’s a living example of how faith and reason can coexist in the human mind, and not just coexist, but support each other.

Throughout history there have always been big pushes for fundamentalism, for versions of religion that even the biggest dumbass can understand.  But thankfully, there have been some Catholics in history that have stood apart from the tards and said “maybe it’s not as easy as you want it to be.”  Sure, we don’t get a warm and fuzzy feeling when we know that there’s shit we don’t understand, but does that mean we have to resort to simplistic views of life and doctrine just so we can be more comfortable?

The road less traveled is the one that the Pope is advocating.  And as long as he is a proponent of being reasonable and intelligent in one’s personal spiritual journey, then he gets a thumb’s up from me.  I wonder what he’s giving up for Lent . . .

I like him, but I couldn't help myself.  Perhaps I should have
given up being an asshole for Lent . . .


Anonymous said...

"I like him, but I couldn't help myself. Perhaps I should have
given up being an asshole for Lent . . ."

thats like a lion switching to tofu..... its at your core :)


Jack Camwell said...

Haha, that it is, Smitty. That it is.