Monday, May 16, 2011

Dumbass Idea of the Week

Texas schools are going to blow $2 million to install a camera that is supposed to help track what kids are eating.  This is all in an attempt to keep kids from making themselves fat, apparently.

This is about as retarded as banning chocolate milk from schools.  Check it: kids eat one meal a day at school, and I'm doubting that it's that one single meal that's making them fat.  It's more likely that mommy and daddy don't promote an active lifestyle, and they probably let them eat whatever they want at home.

I saw a fat little girl at the supermarket the other day.  She couldn't have been older than about 4, but she was about as wide as she was tall.  And what was she doing while walking around?  Sucking on a god damned blow-pop.

Two words: Personal Repsonsibility.  Parents, don't let your kids get fat.  Government, stay the fuck out of my kids' eating habbits.


Harrison said...

In many places, kids eat two meals per day at school but I agree w/you.

William said...

Right on dude, send mommy and daddy for re-education, Siberia perhaps?? That is if the space is large enough to fit both of them!!

William said...

And how in hell did you get that picture of me

Jack Camwell said...

Haha, well it wasn't hard really. It was actually by total chance. I just searched GTFO and that happened to be one of them in there.

Sometimes life just works out that way =)

Karen Howes said...

Once again, I'm totally with you.

Cameras in effing cafeterias monitoring children's eating habits? That's not fascist and big brother-like at all!

And especially when you consider the disgusting fare these schools serve that's supposed to be "healthy"-- low-fat everything (BAD), but tons of grains and sugar (also bad).