Thursday, May 26, 2011

Liberty? Freedom of choice? What the fuck ever!

For all the bullshit that Democrats spew forth about Republicans being antithetical to liberty and the freedom of choice, they seem to have an extremely shitty track record on that themselves.

Sure, they have the whole Pro-Choice movement thing with abortion.  Apparently, the only choice that should be afforded to Americans belongs to women, and that choice is whether or not they want to terminate the little living organism growing in their wombs.  That might be a bit of an exaggeration, but lets take a stroll down
Reality Lane.

This week the Senate is moving to avoid the expiration of the Patriot Act.  This is being spearheaded by none other than Harry Reid.  *GASP* a Democrat?!  My world has now turned upside down!  I don’t know what to think anymore knowing that a Democrat supports something that was widely criticized as violating personal liberties!

Maybe that loon Camping was right?  Perhaps the apocalypse has come since the Democrats are supporting such “draconian,” legislation (btw, I fucking hate the word draconian, so consider the quotation marks as an indication of mockery in this case).

"My choice IS your choice, assholes!"

I’d hold off on looting the local supermarket for bottled water and canned goods, because anyone who has paid any sort of attention know that a large portion, if not all, of the Democrat party has been living a lie for quite some time.

As Harrison pointed out yesterday in his article “The War Against Scotland: Ronald McDonald,” the Democrats do all sorts of crazy shit to try to limit choice, in this case not allowing McDonald’s to put toys in their happy meals and get rid of Ronald McDonald.  That’s just one example.  A while ago, I wrote about how they’re trying to limit the sodium content in our food.

“Jack, you stupid asshole!  It’s for your own good!  They’re trying to improve your health and the health of kids!”  HTNS, I’m thinking of a phrase that begins with “fuck,” ends in “yourself,” and rhymes with “luck yourself.”

How I choose to live my life is my choice and my choice only.  I’ll pay the consequences for it.  I don’t need a politician to tell me how much salt should be in my food, or what the healthy choices for my kids are.  As I stated on Capitol Commentary, my kids aren’t fat because I’m in control of what they eat.  I have the money, I drive the car, so I’m the one that’s ultimately responsible for what they eat.

Oh and how about school choice?  Sorry poor kids, but you have to wait until public education stops sucking asshole before you can get a real education.  No vouchers for you, because that choice somehow makes everything unfair.  Nevermind the fact that you’re poor and your parents can’t afford private school.  I guess school choice is something that is only available to families who can afford it.

If you believe that women have the right to choose whether or not to terminate their pregnancies, effectively end the existence of something that had the potential to be a living, breathing person, then why the hell do you believe that I don’t have the right to choose what I do with myself and my family?  Sometimes I get the feeling that you’re all about freedom of choice as long as it is the choice that you would make.

You're all hypocrites!
So please, don’t give me any bullshit lines about how Democrats are the last bastions of freedom and liberty in America, because if they were then the Democrat controlled Senate would drop the whole Patriot Act thing.  I distinctly remember nearly the whole of Democrats in America lambasting Bush for his “illegal” wiretaps and shit like that, but once again anything goes as long as the person pushing for it runs on the blue ticket.

Stay off my phone line, stay out of my food, and for fuck-sake let my kids have their McDonald’s toy whenever I take them every couple of months.


Harrison said...

Dems want you to choose what they want. If that fails, they want you to only be able to choose what they want.

Karen Howes said...

Geez, Jack, you haven't written anything I can disagree with for awhile. :-)

These people are upside down: murder is freedom. Freedom of speech and food is slavery.

I don't call leftists "liberals" anymore, because there is nothing liberal about them, save their morals. They masterminded gulags and exterminiation camps. They are death-worshiping tyrants, period.

Jack Camwell said...

Okay, by making the comment thing pop up in a new window I think I've worked around blogger sucking ass.

Thanks for the Sentiments Karen. Perhaps you will disagree with today's post?