Sunday, May 22, 2011

My analysis of Obama's Israel policy

You'll have to read it at Political Realities today.  I'm glad that Larry asked me to write it for PR, as I was planning on writing it for CFGM.  I'm allowed to be full-on academic over there =)

Anyway, give Political Realities a visit today and check out my piece on why my take on Obama's Israel-Palestinian conflict is so radically different from that of the conservative blogosphere.  You can click on this article's title which will lead you directly to my article, or you can click on the Political Realities link if you want to peruse the site.  It's a good one  =)



Silverfiddle said...

Very well written piece, jack. Here's what I posted over there:

The perpetual stalemate goes back a thousand years. That is the crux.

Your take is a well-reasoned one. My point is that this man is inept and knows nothing about foreign policy and neither do the pointy headed pseudo intellectual toadies he surrounds himself with. His national security advisor's only experience is being on the periphery of some state department legal issues.

This is like watching amateur surgery. It would be better for them to do nothing at all.

Karen Howes said...

Will do, Jack.