Friday, May 13, 2011

The Republican Party: Are We Screwed?

This picture of Ron Paul is priceless, and it sums up my
frustration with the Party.
Based on the mid-term elections, I’d say we’re not entirely screwed.  We’ve apparently got a good number of people on our side, enough to toss off some Democrats and gain a sizeable majority in the House.  The problem is that that sizeable number is made up of some seriously fucked up people.

It’s not just the Tea Partiers.  A professor of mine, a particularly liberal professor, said that although they might seem radical, we should listen to them.  He was right, because we should always listen when someone voices an opinion of dissent or dissatisfaction.  This wouldn’t be a democratic nation if the only two choices we give to people are “accept the establishment,” or “fuck off and die.”

Be that as it may, I’ve listened to the Tea Partiers, and I’ve largely rejected their bullshit.  There might be some agreement between them and I on some issues, but mostly I think they are nut-jobs.  If you’re a Tea Partier, then I’m sorry.  Sort of.

Anyway, they’re not the only ones boning the Republican Party.  It seems anymore that the GOP is filled with wackoes and wingnuts.  We’ve got Tea Partiers who make wild ass claims about the constitutionality of stuff when it’s clear that many of them making such bold claims have never read the Constitution.  Sarah Palin constantly vomits her bullshit unfettered (she recently shit allover Obama for inviting a rapper to the White House for some poetry thing).  Rand Paul, Ron Paul's son, just tried to equate making a doctor treat a patient who can't afford it to slavery.  And let’s not forget the whole birther thing (even though I’d love to forget it).

John Boehner quietly contemplates a mass

We’ve also got a ton of people who freak the fuck out anytime they see an Arab or someone that is Muslim.  Some Republicans think that the nation is being punished by God, with death, for our tolerance of homosexuals.  And how many among you thought that the overturning of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was a bad idea?  As if all this wasn’t bad enough, many Republicans are trying to defend waterboarding.  How many would outright condone torture if they thought it would keep us safe from terrorists?

Glenn Beck could go on Fox News tomorrow and say that Obama once visited Africa and sacrificed AIDS babies to Zul (Ghostbusters reference) and many people would believe it.

Let’s face it: the Republican Party is no place for intellectuals like me.  There are too many uneducated idiots in the party for it to be anything meaningful.  You might say, “well just because there are idiots doesn’t mean the party is screwed.”  Yes it does, because the people we vote for know that the party is full of morons.  They cater to those morons.  They know that they will accept everything shit out on Fox News as absolute truth, and they know that most people in their base won’t fact check them.  Some asshat in Congress said that “fetuses are the most persecuted minority in America.”  Really?

Plus, there’s all sorts of ideological inconsistencies in the Party at the moment.  We’re all about small government, government keeping their noses out of our business, but we also somehow think that we’re allowed to stick our noses into a woman’s decision on whether or not to terminate her pregnancy?  We think we’re allowed to tell someone that he or she can’t serve in the military because of sexual preference?  We think that gays are second class citizens whose unions don’t deserve to be legally recognized?

Living proof that there is a God, and that He
does in fact hate me.
Is it any of our business what faith Obama practices?  Despite his constant reassurance that he’s a Christian, some fuck heads still say “he’s a Muslim!!!’  Ho-ly shitballs.  You’re seriously going to tell me that you believe in the Constitution and in the same fucking breath insinuate that a Muslim should not be able to hold office?  And you’re going to use the word “Muslim,’ as a term of derision? as a political talking point?

As long as the Republican party is filled with morons who completely have lost their sense of what this country is about and what the Founders believed it should be, then yes, we’re screwed.  We’re going to be painted as racist, bigoted morons who follow the chants of dipshits like Beck and Palin.

What pisses me off is that I get lumped in with this bullshit.  Any time I say to someone that I think abortion is morally wrong, I’m immediately branded as some sort of hate-mongering, bible beating, Christian fundamentalist who wants to control women.  Even when I tell those fucks that I’m Pro-Choice, they don’t believe it.

My party has left guys like me behind.  I’m not a racist.  I’m not a bigot.  I’m not an Evangelical Christian.  I’m not a Tea Partier.  And for fuck sake, I am not an ignorant tool.  Until we raise the intellectual bar in the Republican Party, we may as well just throw in the towel now.  But whey would they when they know there’s a steady supply of morons and retards to vote for them?


Silverfiddle said...

You could say the same, with only minor tweaks, of that agglomeration of mutually exclusive interest groups known as the Democratic party.

As any chef will tell you, nuts make the texture more interesting.

KP said...

You are correct, Silverfiddle. But that doesn't make the point of view Jack is sharing any less valid. He could have blogged about all that is wrong with the Democrats but it would have not of had much impact. Republicans politicians and bloggers are already doing that all over the internet.

What may have impact is speaking about your own party like that! It's like taking somebody by the shoulders and giving them a shaking and yelling "wake up". "Wake up and move before you die on this mountain".

Both parties are run by the extremes. Inevitably that makes bipartisan legislation unpalatable. It also means that each party holds a grudge once they are back in power. Then, they over play their hand while in office and are voted out of power by the majority (THE CENTER).

I'll be looking around the internet for a similar post from a center left politician or reasonable blogger. However, I will not be holding my breath while I look.

KP said...

Silverfiddle -- I should have left your name out of my post altogether. I don't want to sound like I am lecturing you (more complimenting Jack). Of all people you understand both parties are ripping off this country.

Jack Camwell said...

Thank you both for your comments.

Silver: You're absolutely right that there is a LOT wrong on the Dem side of the aisle, but as KP said we do that all the time.

There's a lot wrong with our party right now, and the way I see it is, it's our own party that we should work to fix. When you think about it, the Democrats will never listen to what we have to say. The best we can do is get the GOP back on track.

I'm not saying we exclude idiots, but what I'm calling for is some intellectual integrity. We should demand higher standards from them and from our elected officials. That's the only way we're going to take it back and make it a thinking man's party.

Harrison said...

That's why I'm not registered as a Republican. But I'd be crazy to register as a Democrat. They are seriously messed up.

LD Jackson said...

Well, I am a registered Republican, but I can't help but agree with most of your post. I tend to think the Tea Party is less wacko than you assert, but I have met none of their leaders, so I could be wrong.

As for the Republican party establishment, I trust them very little. I watched closely how they manipulated the 2008 primary and I fully expect them to do the same in 2012. My confidence in them is nearly non-existant.

Silverfiddle said...

KP and Jack: Point well taken. My comment was kinda dismissive, and I didn't mean it to be.

I think there was just a little too much despair in Jack's post, although I understand where he is coming from.

Jack Camwell said...

Well Silver, the despair is best expressed in the final sentence of my article: the establishment knows that there are plenty of idiots out there who will believe every word they say as long as the official is known to be an Obama hater.

Why would they raise the bar to a level that they know their constituents will never reach, when they can just continue to pander to the morons?

Anonymous said...


I woudlent lump retards in with the republican party. its disrespectful to them.. i mean they dont have a choice.... the republican party is practicing "willfull ingnorance".


~ Smitty