Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Stereotypes are real, but this is just stupid

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I am almost certain that if there are liberals out there brave enough to read this blog, they will likely shit on me for the bold claim in the first clause of this article’s title.

Some people see a Muslim or Arab and immediately think “TERRORIST!”  I can understand that, but it doesn’t make it any less retarded.  This guy thought it’d be funny to put a sign up that says “Bomb making next driveway,” near a Mosque.  Probably not the best idea.

Although I think that is particularly wrongheaded, yes, stereotypes are real.  If they weren’t real, then stereotypes wouldn’t exist.  Sorry, but there are some black people that can be classified as “thugs.”  If I see a black guy walking down the street with his pants hanging off of his ass, an afro pick stuck in his hair, and so much bling around his neck that he’s likely giving himself scoliosis, forgive me for assuming that he’s thug-tastic.

Similarly, if I see a white dude walking down the street wearing a muscle shirt that he made himself by cutting off the sleeves, a mullet, 5 teeth in his mouth, and said makeshift muscle shirt has some sort of Nascar themed logo or picture on it, do you think I’m going to assume he’s a professor of engineering at MIT?

That being said, if I see a black guy who dresses like a normal human being then I probably will assume that he’s a normal human being of at least average intelligence.  I would assume the same thing for any white guy that dresses normally.  (BTW, I always assume that people I don’t know have at least average intelligence, and that is regardless of race).

You know what I think of when I see an Arab dude walking around whose dressed normally?  I think he’s just another normal human being of at least average intelligence.  You know what I think of when I see a Muslim in traditional garb?  A normal human being of at least average intelligence.

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Although stereotypes are true, that doesn’t mean that they apply to everyone, obviously.  Not every Arab or Muslim is a fucking terrorist.  I know that must come as a shock to some people, but you seriously need to use your brains on that one.  There’s a difference between the thug and the terrorist.  Assuming that a guy is a thug or a redneck is to assume a personality type.  Assuming that someone is a terrorist based on their physical appearance or faith is a pretty damn far stretch.

The thug probably digs rap.  The redneck guy probably digs country music.  The Arab probably digs mercilessly killing and slaughtering innocent men, women, and children because he believes that God will reward him for destroying His creation.  Do you see how little sense that last sentence made?

What if you met an Irish guy.  You going to assume that because he’s Irish that he was probably in the IRA and has blown up busses?  What if you see a white guy with a bald head?  Are you going to assume that he’s a white supremacist who tied up a Jew to the back of his car and dragged him along a road?  White dude with shaggy hair and dark glasses?  Unibomber.  ANY white person?  Obviously a racist.  A Christian?  Definitely an intolerant bigot who protests military funerals and blows up abortion clinics.
A member of the Provisional Irish Republican Army, probably an
 actual terrorist.  Contrary to conventional wisdom he's not
Arab nor is he Muslim.

Being a terrorist is not a stereotype, as there are terrorists of every race and creed on this planet.  Timothy McVeigh was a terrorist and he’s as white as the driven snow.  The Unibomber was a terrorist, and he’s a white dude, too.  Hell, the Irish Republican Army is filled with nothing but white Christians, and they’re all terrorists.

Just as “murderer,” is not a stereotype, just as “rapist,” is not a stereotype, “terrorist,” is not a stereotype.  If you’re over in the Middle East in a country that is ruled by Islamo-fascist theocracy, then perhaps you could assume that someone there might kill you if they found out that you’re Christian.  But if you’re here in America, you can probably just assume that they’re trying to live their lives in peace and prosperity like the rest of us.


Silverfiddle said...

The last paragraph summed it up nicely. We are wired to think like this, looking at visual clues and using past information to make inferences.

KP said...

White doode with shaggy hair, glasses and a tan is a surfer in San Diego. Notice, I did not stereotype him as a beach bum!

adamjaycarter said...

So your saying that stereotypes CAN be correct and useful??? I thought I was the only one!?!?!?

Jack Camwell said...

Thanks for stopping by. My thing is that we can't always apply stereotypes to people, but if it walks like a duck and quaks like a duck, it's probably not an elephant.

Anonymous said...

You fucking idiot. The IRA are not terrorists. That is what British propaganda says. The IRA is there to protect Eire from the Brits.

Jack Camwell said...

Thank you for the visit anon,

Tell me, is setting off a bunch of bombs on civilians and assassinating members of a royal family considered "protection" or terrorism?

I guess then Al Qaeda isn't a terrorist group. They're just trying to "protect" Muslims from Western civilization.

Thank you for reminding me that there's no shortage of morons in the world.