Monday, June 27, 2011

Dumbass Idea of the Week

I happen to like the advent of texting.  I'm the type of guy that doesn't always like talking to everyone who wants to talk to me, so texting is a good thing.  I means I don't have to always answer my phone, yet people who need to convey information to me can still do so while I can respond at my leisure.

This 17 year old girl, however, is a stupid bitch.  Apparently she got botox injections in her hands so that she could reduce the sweating of her palms while she texts.  Botox causes muscle weakness in some cases, and that's what happened here.

Now, the moron has lost some capability to text because of the botox.  Here's a suggestion: go read a fucking book.  Watch a movie.  Call someone once in a while.  Go do something other than texting.  Or better yet, how about you just deal with your sweaty palms?


Harrison said...

Well, at least it will wear off eventually. That is pretty bad though.

Karen Howes said...

Unfortunately, this will wear off.

Effing moron indeed.