Friday, June 10, 2011

Quick Post: Gerard

Because either God or blogger hates me, I'm still unable to sign in to leave comments on blogs that don't force the comment section into a new window.

As I have mentioned elsewhere, comment moderation is not enabled on my blog, and I will never, ever delete anyone's comments.

So I just want everyone to know that I did not delete Gerard's comment on the Hollywood article.  The infinite wisdom of blogger's spam filter saw fit to determine his post to be spam (this happened to Silverfiddle once before, I think), and since I rarely pay attention to my email, I didn't notice that there was a comment sitting in my spam queue.

So Gerard, I promise I'm not a free-speech hating tyrant.

EDIT:  Gerard amended his article today, and for that I am greatly appreciative.  Also, it's only fair that I give him a bump since he did so for me.  Here is his article on A Calm Voice in the Storm about me and CFGM for today, and that's the one that I will respond to tomorrow.

Again, I'd respond to it directly on his blog, but blogger seems to hate my fucking guts.


Karen Howes said...

Because either God or blogger hates me...

Why does it have to be one or the other? They could BOTH hate you. :-P

In seriousness... sorry about the blogging snafus.

Jack Camwell said...

It could be that God has influenced blogger to hate me, because He hates me.

Either way, blogger is pissing me off.

Gerard said...

Thanks for responding Jack. Maybe we're not so far off as far as opinions about politics go. I don't think that the government has the answer for everything, but I also think that if we spend all of our time fighting about it, we'll never get anything accomplished. Only wish we could get some of our esteemed representatives to hear the opinion of the working guys (and gals) out here and start working for us like they're paid to do. Hey, if Brietbart can turn some heads, maybe a few of us will too some day. As far as blogger, good luck. It's not great for editing and trying to post photos, which you see I do sometime. Thanks again for the "bump," I'm sure we'll be commenting on each other again.