Tuesday, June 14, 2011

San Francisco is about as backwards as Alice in fucking Wonderland

It's straight up Mad-Fucking-Hatter shit in San Fran.
Because this focuses on San Francisco, I originally thought that I’d submit this to Harrison at Capitol Commentary.  He lives there and always has something to say about how cooky it is out there.  After I read the first paragraph of this article “San Francisco: Circumcision Ban a Religious Issue,” I decided that I would write it for CFGM because I plan to say fuck and shit a lot.

These psychotic retards who call themselves “intactivists,”—which has something to do with advocating for infants’ rights to their own genitals—want to ban all circumcision from the city of San Francisco.  They said that they straight up do not give a shit that the practice is part of a thousands-year-old Jewish religious tradition.

They claim that the practice causes unnecessary harm, and that boys should have the choice of whether or not to keep their foreskins.  Never mind the fact that the World Health Organization has said that there is absolutely no drawback to being circumcised.  And let’s just forget the notion that apparently circumcision actually helps fight the spread of HIV. 

And these fucks try to equate it to Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), a cultural practice often found in Africa that is actually damaging to a girl’s long-term health, and is done for the purpose of killing the pleasure that she would have otherwise had from sexual intercourse.

Antactivists say: Fuck you, Jews.
In a recent rebuttal to Gerard over at A Calm Voice in the Storm, I mentioned that a person’s beliefs don’t necessarily make that person stupid.  Well, this is one of those cases where these people’s beliefs do actually make them fucking dumb.

For starters, it might cause the babies harm, but oh well?  Does this mean we shouldn’t draw blood from infants?  Should we forego vaccinations, too because it hurts them too much?  I mean holy fucking sheep shit people: they will never, ever remember it.  Oh, I see.  We should hold off until the boy is old enough to decide for himself.  Right, because every dude is lining up to get surgery done to his cock.

It’s not so much the idea itself, but the blatant hypocrisy and complete and utter lack of ideological consistency that makes these “intactivists,” mentally challenged.  Lets examine the ridiculousness of it.

First, I can guarantee that they are probably pro-choice.  So they think it’s okay for a woman to kill her baby, for whatever fucking reason, but it’s not okay to have her baby go through a medical procedure that is safe and beneficial once the kid is born?  And never mind the sheer religious freedom hypocrisy.

"Yeah, circumcision is like, totally lame guys."
I honestly don’t get it.  They posit that women are allowed to choose whether or not their child lives or dies while they’re inside her body, but once that child is alive a woman is not allowed to make decisions about the child’s health and well-being?  I’m fucking sorry, but you can’t have it both ways.  Either you believe people have the freedom of choice or you don’t.  Either you believe in religious freedom or you don’t.

Please, stop being fucking stupid.  An unborn child who has no way of choosing doesn’t have the right to live if the mother says it doesn’t, but a days old infant who also has no way of choosing somehow has dominion over his genital health?  In-fucking-sane.

Pro-tip to the intactivists: mind your own fucking business.


Silverfiddle said...

Much of liberalism is motivated by feeling better about yourself, patting yourself on the back for being so enlightened. I don't see a lot of deep thought there, and debate is almost nonexistent.

Jack Camwell said...

That's a good point Silver. They seem to think that being enlightened is supposed to give them a nice, warm and fuzzy feeling, and that being "enlightened" gives them some sort of intellectual edge over everyone else.

I'd consider myself to be "enlightened," but it gives me no sense of comfort or superiority. I'm only enlightened because I understand that I don't have all the answers, and I'm always willing to listen to just about any opinion.

I think that my view on abortion is somewhat enlightened, but I can guarantee that I don't feel good about it. In fact, the whole damn issue makes me sick to my stomach, especially since I have two small children myself, and I couldn't imagine ever giving them up.

I don't think it makes me superior, just honest with myself and with reality.

Harrison said...

I want to know what Weiner thinks about it.

William McCullough said...

Its a proven fact that those who are notcircumsized are more prone to infections and STD

Jack Camwell said...

Yes. I think the article mentions that the men in Africa studied were 60% more likely to contract HIV if they were uncircumcised.

Seremzh said...

These same 'inactivists' in San Fransicko even made a comic called 'Foreskin Man' which was right out of National Socialist propaganda, right down to the rabbi portrayed as evil.

Jack Camwell said...

Yeah I read about that. Pretty ridiculous imo.