Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sex Addiction: Does it really exist?

I haven't given it enough thought.  I planned to put a little contemplation into it, but I sort of got side tracked this weekend (thank you Fallout: New Vegas and Minecraft).  So for now, what do you all think? 

I've put up a poll to the right for a quick answer.  For those who would like to explicate, please feel free to do so.


Silverfiddle said...

Of course sex is addicting! So is eating and drinking and breathing.

The addiction that grips this nation is the addiction to not taking personal responsibility for ones actions.

Karen Howes said...

Well, there is evidence that exposure to sexual images in formative years (like adolescence) tend to remain in the psyche and have a strong effect. This is why I'm so down on pornography, and see it as something highly destructive to male-female relationships, marriage, and thus society.

This does NOT absolve people of responsibility, though.

Damien said...

I believe there is a condition called sex-addiction and so do many psychologists. They put it in the same category is gambling ediction. It has to do with power, getting away with something so powerful and yet still taboo to a great degree, control over others, and so on.

Seremzh said...

Sex without a partner who loves you will start to feel empty at some point, because one gets the feeling they are not appreciated.

Even sex with someone who loves you gets boring if it is the same thing over and over again.

My overall vote: No.

KP said...

Here is the thing about addiction: if you have to explain it to someone who hasn't experienced it; they will struggle to understand.

It is not possible to explain as it addiction is crazy. It's like trying to explain why choosing pain is priority over comfort. Why short term gratification is rationalized over long term destruction. Any sane person knows that is crazy (literally).

Try understanding a bulimic who will not eat as they waste away and their teeth fall out in route to dying. In other words, if you have to ask why, you have a small chance of ever understanding. I do commend your search. Unless you experienced addiction it may take Faith to understand it.

For those who refuse to question or try to understand, consider that you may be missing out on a specific important aspect of understand others who suffer. My point, judging mental illness (bulimia, addiction, depression, schizophrenia) can be misplaced.