Thursday, June 30, 2011

Who still believes in Communism? How bizarre . . .

I was reading an article today about Communism in China and how, on the 90th anniversary of the formation of China’s Communist party, there is still a big debate on whether or not the government should become more Democratic.  So that got me to thinking: why the hell are there still people in Western civilization that think Communism is a good thing?

How many truly Communist countries do we have on the planet today?  A handful, maybe.  Off the top of my head I can think of China (of course), Cuba, Vietnam, and North Korea (?).  Only one of those countries is actually successful, and it’s because that country has become more capitalistic over time.

Cuba and North Korea are abject failures.  The people are impoverished, toilet paper is rationed in Cuba, and North Korea can barely even feed its own people.  If anyone thinks that Cuba is a Communist paradise, then I am extremely confused as to why so many Cubans make the swim to FloridaChina, although it has been economically prosperous the past couple of decades, still has a huge roll of human rights violations attributed to the government.

The Chinese government censors the internet, stages brutal crack-downs on dissidents, and actually places child-bearing limits on families.  The worst part is that many, many Chinese citizens have been conditioned to believe that all of the shit the government does is for their own good, that chaos would reign if China were democratic.  They’re even conditioned to believe that the students that were ground under the tanks at Tiananmen Square were violent political revolutionaries that were gloriously quelled by the valiant Chinese military.

And lets not forget the actual abject failures in Communist experiments.  It’s not like the Soviet Union was an economic powerhouse in which the people were finally treated equally and fairly.  Stalin saw to that.

So isn’t it purely fucking nuts that there are people living in Western civilization that still think Communism is a good idea?  What’s the definition of insanity that people keep throwing around?  “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result”?

What gets me is that Communists seem to think that the “government,” is some sort of benevolent entity that is separate from humanity that will be fair and just if we would only give it enough power over society.  They seem to ignore the fact that government is just another institution of humans, and humans, as we know, are very prone to greed and corruption.

So why do they think that humans who participate in government will be any more just than humans who participate in corporations?  We’ve seen plenty of scandals from our government officials, so why do they pretend that government would somehow be different simply because it has more control?  Or will an American Communist government function because Americans are better people who aren’t hungry for power?  I seriously doubt that.

All it takes is one chairman, one comrade that doesn’t believe in things like human rights to gain power and then all is lost.  No matter where you go, people are all the same and are subject to the same temptations inherent to wealth and power.

Given the numerous examples of how Communism has failed on an epic scale, isn’t it kind of retarded that there are still people who cling hope to that asinine form of society?


Silverfiddle said...

I call them latte leftists, those ignorant westerners sporting the incongruent combination of a gucci bag, expensive raybans, and a Che Guevara t-shirt.

They romanticize something they have no experience with whatsoever while the people suffering under it are clamoring to come to the west.

Karen Howes said...

It is indeed retarded that so many people haven't caught on to the epic fail that is communism, but they haven't.

It's a fantasy, unrealistic and completely discounts human nature. Like all utopian ideals, it ends in tyranny and death.

Awesome post, Jack.

Anonymous said...

hey, i brought the devil with me again. i will be advocating for him.

As far as population control... am i TOTALY wrong or isnt there a massive overpopulation problem in China?


William McCullough said...

I find it interesting that the Chinese people are so conditioned that they think all the 'bad' things visited upon them are for their own 'good.' This is of course akin to my oft-mentioned Bizzarro World featured in the Superman comics, where good is bad and bad is good. That said we might notice that all the 'bad' things now happening in the U.S. are a part of that Bizzarro World fantasy in that Obama basically is telling us to 'suck it up' its only going to get worse but it will be for our own good once the 'change' agenda has been successful. One might make the extreme anaolgy of a reverse metamorphosis where society will be forced back in a cocoon rather than allowed to move forward, spread its wings and fly in freedom.

Jack Camwell said...

I'm so lucky to have such intelligent people commenting on my shit. =)

Smitty, yes they have a population problem, but the way they go about resolving it is fairly totalitarian.

Karen, thanks for the kudos =)

Harrison said...

Nah they just say it hasn't been done right.

Anonymous said...

I would like to point out that these are not communist countries, and that none of you have a clear concept of communism, China, is Maoist, Cuba, is basically Stalinist same with NK. However, never has there been proper communist, having read the communist manifesto myself and happening to stumble upon this page, I would like to sadly point out the ignorance of the modern westernized proletariat. Communism involves all working class to vote on something, direct democracy, not that representative "bribable" bull shit people have in most countries. Also, in pure communism there is no money, all are given food, housing and jobs, this is all free, and the labor is free too, so people still work for things you can get with money, there is just no drawback of taxes and requiring money to do something, it is just done, and goods are then distributed to the masses because there is only a people government. There is a surplus of goods and a strong community bond, hence "communism" because the whole community shares goods and labor together for the greater good. This has only happened once, but it was crushed by capitalists who knew that if communism took hold, they could no longer have power through money, hence the term of most communists (based around Marx's teachings) to describe the western nations as "bourgeoisie democracy" (rich first, people second). Think free people, I wish love and prosperity to all of you, and enlightenment to the masses of working class, yes communism, real communism is hard to imagine having brought up worshiping money, but it is Utopian it just requires belief in the cause, and a non-lazy working class that will take responsibility, for if there is not enough people with jobs, the economy fails, though as you can imagine, there will be a surplus of those too, because people will needn't be paid by something as worthless as banknotes, but by food, and service, thus real incentive to support the community, and putting value back in human needs and not making us all greedy consumers.

Anonymous said...

hey dude. i live in post - socialist country and i belive in communism actually. greetings.

Anonymous said...

ps - china have more in common with capitalism than communism, but they're still not admiring human rights, that's why they're making so much money.

and to end with - there was no truly communist country in the history of the world, because such a country is impossible to exist, unless all the citizens belives in it. but we all now how it ends when you try to make it without it.

Anonymous said...

Its Ironic to see so called Christian adore money hungry corrupt democracy and talk down on Communism as some sort of great evil. At the end of the day its people, people who do right, who do wrong, who corrupt, who goes out of the way to help.

Annonymous who posted 7:42 on nov 6 is absolutley correct. Keep thinking that democracy is ideal though..
Oh and btw... My family lived in Soviet Union and for the most part it was fantastic. All the crazy things you hear is propertual motion of ego trip. Things about human rights and power trips happen everywhere regardles of what country you are in.

Jack Camwell said...

Thank you for visiting anon.

I would like to point out that you have misunderstood the title of my blog.

"Christian fearing God-Man," is a play on the common phrase "God fearing Christian."

I really could care less about Jesus or whatever, so calling me a Christian is somewhat of a stretch.

Anyway, for your family living in the Soviet Union to say that it was fantastic, they must not have been political dissidents.

I'm sure Nazi Germany was a WONDERFUL place to live . . . if you were a Nazi.

Alex Hutchinson said...

while I cannot support all or even most of the actions of the USSR it does make sense to persecute those who are against the communist government as these are the people who seek to reinstall the oppression that the revolution removed. I know personally that this idea does not immediately make sense to those raised and educated in the west as we are told that communism is inherently evil. I would highly suggest reading Marx's "communist manifesto" or "the principles of communism" to better understand this point of view