Sunday, July 17, 2011

Controversial Question for Sunday

Why do you think your religion is better than everyone else's?



Silverfiddle said...

For me it's not a matter of mine is better than yours.

My religion makes sense to me. I settled upon it after wandering for years through Presbyterian, Baptist, nondenominational, Buddhism, atheism, Rosicrucian, agnosticism...

This is why I also do not believe that you're going to hell because you don't worship like I do.

Harrison said...

I don't have a religion so, for me, the answer is nothing.

Damien said...

I am Catholic, proud of it but I would find it impossible to say it is "better" than any other faith because then I would not be following my faith correctly. Sure, I would love the entire world to be Catholic but at the same time I would also love that paedophiles were purged and prosecuted, money was more spent openly and a lot of other things should I "evangalize and prosthelatise?".

ickenittle post said...

I too am/was Catholic and was once a Republican.

I lost my faith when I became Republican and started looking down my nose at the "Welfare State"

After a time I realised I had lost my soul buying into the "I got mine." mentality and had to take a hard look at my values.

This "awareness" came after I lost my husband and was embraced by Catholics who-for no selfish reason of their own- came to my aid by providing kindness and direction.

It was this simple act that forged my progressive heart.

This is why I can can say in clear conscience I detest all things Neo-conservative. I was a Republican, and this new crop of fanatics do not represent my party of old- nor do they represent most people of faith.

They are dominionists. Look it up and see for yourselves. A frightening lot that have hi-jacked god and see Jesus as flawed.