Friday, July 15, 2011

Humans are Horrifying

One thing you can count on is that there's never a shortage of stories that show just how fucked up the human race can be.

An 8 year old Hasidic boy was abducted on his way home from school the other day.  The man who abducted him cut him up into little pieces and stored them in his freezer.  The man had no priors, no criminal record, and the people that knew him thought him to be fairly normal and well adjusted.

It's a question that man has asked for time immemorial: why do humans inflict such pain on each other?  I can't answer the question except to say that he probably had a few screws loose and, until that point, did not have the opportunity to realize the darkness within.

Such horrifying acts are not monopolized by any one culture or socioeconomic status.  Humans, no matter where they live or how they live, are always going to perpetrate insanity on a level that is difficult for any normal person to understand.  Some people like to believe that it's Satan tempting us, coercing us to do evil, but people only tell themselves that so they can feel less hopeless.

The truth is that some people are just plain fucked up, and no amount of prayer or support can help them climb out from the pits of their dark hearts.  There is no evil boogeyman urging them.  What they feel inside, the urge to kill, maim, mutilate and torture their victims, is a part of who they are.  Just as some people naturally desire to do good, to be virtuous and just, others naturally desire to commit atrocities, to be licentious and destructive.  They can't help who they are.

Sure, we all have bad desires that we learn, over time, to suppress, but not everyone has an intense compulsion for those bad desires.  Not everyone has the desire to torture and murder.  Those who do have those desires weren't necessarily born that way either.  Some people develop their nefarious hungers through horrible socialization experiences.  Unfortunately, those who become the monster that man fears almost always have made that transition irreparably.  They'll never return to any semblance of human decency.

It's hard to stay hopeful when you know that madness is sometimes only a few yards from your doorstep.  Given the incredible power the brain holds over human action, it's even more disheartening to think that we might be powerless to prevent the slip into evil ourselves.  Every brain reacts to certain stimuli in a specific way, and we don't know exactly how it will react or change given circumstances of extreme conditions.  It sucks an inordinate amount of ass to think that perhaps there's a killer inside all of us, locked away in the prison of our minds just waiting for someone or something to slip him the key.

And we can't deny that we have an inclination towards violence.  Even decent, upstanding people have admitted to participating in, or at least a willingness towards, torture.  They let the killer out of the cell for an hour in the yard for some exercise.  In most cases he's probably still in shackles, but for some he's given free reign for a brief time.

My purpose in just about everything I write is to get people to look inside themselves and determine what in their lives are merely the shadows on the wall.  We all have beliefs and ideas that we hold to be true, but most people are also afraid to truly look inside and discover who they really are.  It's easier to say that "all is well," and accept the norms of socialization that have been thrust upon us.  We lie to ourselves, because the fiction is usually far more pleasant than the fact.

The fact is that there is darkness in all of us.  There are places in our mind in which we let no one tread, not even those closest to us.  Wether it be a spouse, a brother or sister, or a best friend, there are corners of our soul we keep hidden, and rightly so.  We keep the prisoner locked up because we don't want people to know he's there; we don't want others to see who we really are.

So I invite all of you to truly look inside.  You don't have to share your sentiments here, because they would almost assuredly be false.  After all, who wants everyone to think they're a potential serial killer?  No one has to know the darkness of the heart except for yourself, because recognizing that darkness is essential to full self-awareness.

If you're truly honest with yourself, you might not like what you see.


Karen Howes said...

There is real evil. It's not a philosophical construct, but a reality-- which I believe has an intelligent being behind it-- and stories such as this are evidence of that.

It's also worth noting that people this effed up are almost always KNOWN to have been effed up beforehand, even if they have no actual criminal history. You always get people who know these people personally saying that they had screws loose.

This is a case where execution is warranted.

William McCullough said...

Evil has no boundaries. In this case we have a unsub that committed this horrendous act. However, in too many other cases we have known suspects who are set free to roam and kill again because of a flawed justice system....WM

Peter McCullough said...

Evil you say? The asshole Colunbia Law School graduated defense attorneys most assuredly will burn the candle on both ends, Monday through Friday, with unparalled desperation as they try to prove innocence for this poor, misunderstood pedophilic child butchering nice guy. Then they break on the weekends for some happy down time with their own young sons and daughters. May the God of Moses kick them in their nuts.

Jack Camwell said...

Thanks for stopping by, Peter. And yes, may their God enact Holy Rochambeau on his junk.

ickenittle post said...

Karen says,

There is real evil. It's not a philosophical construct, but a reality-- which I believe has an intelligent being behind it.

This is a case where execution is warranted.

HAHAHAHA! Your logic is so funny!

On one hand you believe evil has an intelligence behind it, and on the other you are ready to play executioner, which to some is an act of vengence-which is evil, as it has no intelligent mind behind it.

What if you execute the wrong guy Karen? It has happened. Do you just turn away and say" It wasn't my fault?"

As sickening as this crime appears to be- none of us are sitting on the jury. Yet so many play "arm-chair executioners'.

Let's start a dead-pool for kicks.

Pick a number from 1-365 to guess just how many days will pass before some arm-chair executioner murders Casey Anthony.

I pick day 333.

Someone else will have to come up with a prize. Any suggestions?

Maybe a pound of flesh (kobe)

Jack Camwell said...

Justice is a funny thing ick. I'm still contemplating the morality and the justification of the death penalty, because it's not one of those things that are always black and white. Even Albert Camus wasn't entirely sure that the death penalty is always wrong.

And kobe is tasty flesh, I've heard.

Silverfiddle said...

icktittle draws a false equivalency between murder and judicial execution.

I do agree that if someone kills that woman who killed her kid, that would be an immoral act. Our society found her not guilty via our justice system.

Damien said...

As a faithful Catholic I must believe in the existance of Evil at various levels. As a former prosecutor I personnaly have seen evil at many levels.

I believe in the Death Penalty for certain crimes and they can be well defined if the effort is made. Unrepentent first degree murder being one of them.

As for the Anthony "saga", the prosecution failed to prove the case and the jury fortunately took their obligation correctly and failed the case. I wonder, however, even in a Tribunal situation (such as in Spain and most European countries) the judges would have told the prosecution to go back and look harder.

ickenittle post said...

Damien I agree- someone should have looked harder. As far as Anthony is concerned she will probably destroy herself in the long run- as god does "work in mysterious ways."

Jack- I am proud of you. I have watched as you have grown to be someone who truly is "open minded."

I am probably the only one at C&L who has the patience and understanding to follow your work.

Keep it up.

And for the rest who don't understand Liberals- F-You. We are your better side- the side you have long forgotten.

Jack Camwell said...

Ick, I've always been open minded.

And thank you for following my work =)