Friday, July 1, 2011

Rumble in the Wisconsin Supreme Court Jungle

In this corner . . .
It’s not like something like this has never happened before.  Charles Sumner, a senator in the mid 19th Century, was beaten by Preston Brooks because Sumner had insulted Brooks’ uncle on something that had to do with slavery.

But that was quite some time ago, and it was between two men.  Apparently two Wisconsin supreme court justices, David Prosser and Ann Walsh Bradley, got into some sort of pissing contest so virulent and ridiculous that they actually came to blows over it.

Prosser, the male judge, claims that Bradley, the female judge, attacked him first.  Bradley’s claim is that Prosser actually put her into a god damn choke hold.  Have politics become such that we’re resorting to royal rumble type shit?

With this one, I honestly don’t know what to believe.  I find it kind of hard to believe that Prosser would have hauled off and started choking her, but I also find it incredibly hard to believe that she would have hit him.  I’m just finding this whole god damned thing unbelievable.  But, unless they’re both lying for some arcane purpose, it’s reasonable to assume that they did throw down the fisticuffs.

So what the fuck?  Why are state supreme court justices throwing down like this in their chambers?  I will be incredibly disappointed if anyone condones this sort of ridiculous and unprofessional behavior.  I can see all the progressives cheering for the judge that “fought for collective bargaining rights.”  Conservatives would be equally as retarded for praising Prosser.

Aside from this being sad, I actually find it sort of funny.  I mean, were they both in the robes when this went down?  How fast did it happen?  Was he able to get her in a choke hold immediately or was there like some sort of Greco-Roman style struggle.  If she did strike first, was it an open hand slap or a straight up punch?

I’m also wondering if they were alone, and if so, were they intent on making it like some thunder-dome shit?  You know, two enter but only one may leave?

. . . and wearing the blue trunks . . .
All jokes aside, logic tells me that she likely hit him first.  I can’t imagine a guy who just passed a recall would choke a bitch without provocation.  It wouldn’t be the first time that I man gets pinned for violence against a woman who incited the violence.  In domestic violence cases, even if the woman is the one who initiated the physical altercation, who gets shit on for it?  The man.

Why?  Because we’re supposed to take it easy on women.  We’re supposed to allow them to be as fucking insane as they please so long as they’re not trying to kill us.  The first possibility in this is that Bradley slapped him because he said something that pissed her off, and now she’s mad because she got what she deserved.

The second possibility is that Prosser is actually a psycho and just straight up choked her after he couldn’t take the arguing anymore.  Stranger and more violent things have happened, I suppose, so hopefully the investigation can actually get to the bottom of it.


Silverfiddle said...

I too doubt he just went at her with a choke hold. There were others in the room, and Prosser sounds confident, so I think this is a tempest in a tea pot.

Had he really choked her, others would have notices. She probably charged him in anger and got in his face, putting his hands up in defense he may have touched her, and she blew it all out of proportion.

I chalk this up to more liberal lunacy.

Harrison said...

To quote former Democratic mayor Marion Barry:

"The bitch set me up!"