Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Should Whoring be Legalized?

I know she looks too "clean" to be a prostitute
but would you rather me put up a pic of some
herpes-ridden skank? 
I’ve heard a couple of arguments for this one.  The proponents for legalizing prostitution say that it will cut down on all the other crime associated with it; that legalizing it will make the whole experience safer.  Of course, they always point to Las Vegas and how prostitution is apparently not a big deal down there.

There’s some place out there that’s super upscale or something.  “Well look at that place.  Prostitution is legal there and it’s not a big deal!”  Proponents also claim that it will cut down on the spread of Sexually Transmitted Diseases, because legal prostitutes would have to be approved by the CDC or some shit, you know like health code violations.

Then you’ve got the opponents who say that it’s all about some higher moral obligation that prostitution should stay illegal.  They might be right: it’s probably not very moral to pay a woman to fuck you, nor is it exactly virtuous to take money to let someone fuck you.  I’m no prude, though, it’s just kind of fucked up.

But anyway, morality aside, I don’t think that prostitution should be legalized.  How much do you think it costs to fuck one of the whores at the Mustang Ranch in Las Vegas?  If I recall a random factoid correctly, I believe it is somewhere in the thousands to actually bone her.  I think it gets in the hundreds for other various activities that don’t involve the horizontal mambo.

That in mind, why would legalizing prostitution decrease it or make it less dangerous?  People who visit prostitutes generally aren’t mega rich dudes that can afford to drop more than $100 on a piece of ass on a regular basis.  My guess is that most customers can’t afford such a steep price even ONCE.  So what does this mean?  Well, it means that there will still be tons of low-cost options available to everyone.

“But Jack, those cheap whores will still have to get checked out by the government!”  Why?  If you’re a pimp, why would you want the government sticking its nose in your already clandestine business?  You wouldn’t, so you would just stay underground out of government purview.  Think of the nightmarish headache that would have on your business.  First, you’d have to start paying taxes.  Second, you’d probably have to start getting your girls some form of healthcare insurance so they can be regularly checked out for crotch rot.

Do you honestly think that pimps are just lining up to lighten their own pockets?  They would stay underground so that they can keep prices down, because the demand for cheap meat will never go away.  Johns (I think that’s what they call customers) won’t suddenly want to drop thousands on whores just because the government tells them it’s okay.  They’ll still go to the cheap ones because, gasp, it’s cheap.

This is a lot like the logic behind legalizing drugs.  For the life of me, I can’t understand why some people think that legalizing something that has been illegal for a long time will make the problem less worse.  Legalizing prostitution would not decrease it, and it would not make it safer.  Prostitution would increase, and the problems associated with it would spread as well.  Legalizing drugs wouldn’t suddenly make current users stop using.  It would probably only increase the number of users.  Someone once suggested to me that crystal meth being sold in a Walgreens would be preferable than someone having to risk his life getting it from a dealer.  Does that honestly sound like a world you want to live in?

How about we legalize murder.  People only murder others because it’s illegal right?  Or stealing, let’s legalize that.  People only commit acts of destructive immorality because someone is telling them not to, right?

I know that some of you will point to prohibition as if that is somehow equivalent to any of this, but I can assure you that it’s not.  Alcohol was ubiquitous before prohibition, and alcohol doesn’t always lead to destruction and shit.  Prostitution is not ubiquitous and carriers a heavy stigma, and not because it’s illegal.


Silverfiddle said...

From a pure libertarian standpoint, prostitution should be legal. It's nobody else's business what someone does with their body.

I agree with you that the so-called benefits of legalization are laughable. Legalize it and it would still be a disease-ridden, depressing industry.

Anonymous said...

Whoh killer, Whoa

Comparing prostitution and sale/aquisition of drugs to murder is in no way fair and you should slap yourself.

From a PURELY ideological standpoint, drugs only effect YOU (now i realize the socio-ecconomical effects of "momy and daddy cant feed me today because they are stoned out of their gords....." thats a whole other issue, and i feel you can lump that in with alcohol. thre are consiquenses for your actions etc..

but i got side tracked. Prostitution is a bit different because it does effect you AND annother party directly.. it takes 2 to tango as it were. Still from a purely ideological perspective, if a woman (or man for that matter) decides that the best investment for their future is to sell themselves as a sex toy, that is still their choice. all the risks and bennifits that go with that should be their choice. Legalizing it may (and i use may because i live in a world where imaginary rainbow unicorns tuck me into bed every night and nothing bad ever happens to anyone who doesnt derserve it.... ) enlighten those who do take up the job by providing rudimetary saftey training. How to spot a phsyco, how to break someon's arm . CERTIFYING THE WHORES as it were. making sure they at least KNOW how to take care of themselvs hygenicly and possibly physicly in an altercation. Would it really cost that much to teach someone how to use a condom?

you could also move from the street corner to a proper establishment EG a single floor appartment where your "pimp" or "security guard" would be able to be on the scene in case of trouble in less than 10 seconds if need be. So the pimp would actually be able to keep his eye on more of whats going on and protect his "envestment" more efficiantly.

thats annother tangent...

Illegal and/or forced prostitution is a terrible thing and i cant say that legalizing it would either prevent OR detur it... but it would still exist.

Lastly, murder. You are taking the life of someone else. that is the end, there is no redemption, its finality is absolute. You directly alter the lives of LOTS of peopel by ENDING it. you cannot pay back somoen for a murder, you cant redeem yourself to them.

Other crimes that negaticly effect people like Theft, arent as set in stone. you can return an item or make some other monitary or labor orented compensation, you can never restore a life.


Jack Camwell said...

I realize those crimes are different, but the principle I'm talking about is the same. The idea is that by legalizing some crimes, people will commit them less because the stigma will be removed, or because they become less appealing since they're not punishable.

Drug addiction is not a victimless crime. How many meth heads do you know that can keep a steady job?

The cheap whores now would never be hired by the high-class pimps because, well, they're cheap and nasty. The pimps wouldn't want to sink all sorts of money into them to get them up to snuff.

Plus, many of the cheap prostitutes are all into drugs and what not. Do you really think pimps want to pay for their rehab?

Legalizing prostitution would not bring about any positive change.

And with the increase of sexual liberty in society, I wouldn't be surprised if a lot more young girls would be attracted to prostitution as opposed to, say, getting yourself in massive student loan debt. Prostitution should never be something that is glorified, and I can see that happening in a society that legalizes it.

I would kill the world if my daughter wanted to go be a legal whore rather than do something positive with her life.

Anonymous said...

well i agree about the "legalizing it will make it less apealing" is bullshit aspect. If certain substances were legal i would actually try them. FYI, i have always wanted to do somethign that would make me halucinate... therefore increaseing the demand for said product. it would probably be more expencive BECAUSE it would have to be regulated. But would the money brought in by that be used to squash illegal drug opperations? who knows. probably not. wich means you would have the "clean stuff" at a higher price than the old school stuff. they would cater to a whole different customer base. Much like the argument i bring for prostitution.

Even if that takes it out of the relm of regular affordability to the average joe it would still be something you could afford to do a few times a year. It would provide a safe(er) and regulated environtment for wo(men) who would choose that line of work and warrant the money. The other prostitution... wich is currently illegal... would still be illegal. so.... that woudlent change.


Jack Camwell said...

And that is precisely the problem that I have with these things. "If it were legal, I'd try it."

How do you know you wouldn't become addicted right off the bat? Human phisiology is such that some people are hooked on a drug after the first try. That's why I never bothered to try drugs, at all, because I didn't want to find out if I could handle it or not.

I don't want to live in a society where drugs are legal and easy to obtain, or one in which selling yourself for sex is seen as a viable career choice.

I'm not super moralistic, but these are things that devalue the worth of a human being, and I am definitely against dehumanization and self-destruction. This wild-west that some people envision is not a place I want my children to grow up in.

Anonymous said...

Again, this is coming from my magical unicorn land...

Who said it would be easy to aquire the legal drugs? IMHO if you wanted to be able to purchase a previously restricted product. or a product that is known to cuase a physical addition in some peopel you shoudl be required to be licensed to use it. and if there were a test to detect physical trates of additiction (liver enzyme levels persey) you would have to have a regular checkup. to keep said license.

EG if i wanted to get some peyote, i would need to take a course on the affects of use and abuse. i would have to sign a document stating that i would not opperate a motor vehicle while udner the influence etc.

I would hold the same true for prostitution. it would have to be a 2 way street that peopel would WILLINGLY go down.

Jack. i am BIG on personal choice, but not on wholesale irrisponcibility.


Jack Camwell said...

But then at that point the government becomes the grand arbiter of who is allowed to use drugs and who isn't? And the people who are deemed "likely to get addicted," would simply just turn to the same illegal avenues that are used today.

We can draw that conclusion because the same thing happens for prescription drugs. They are controlled substances, but there's still a big criminal element around their illegal trafficking and distribution. So even if hard core drugs like meth or heroin were legalized and still labeled as controlled substances, like prescription drugs, there would still be a nasty underworld element that profits off their illicit sale.

I'm big on personal choice as well, Smitty, but making it easier for people to make bad choices is about as irresponsible as one can get.

Despite the craziness of the wild-west days, America was still an honor society at that time as opposed to a guilt society, which is what we are now. Back then, honor and integrity actually mattered, so people were a bit better at regulating themselves. Today, we're a guilt society, and that means you're only as good as the laws you break. If it's not against the law, you have no reason to be guilty.

People today are far more irresponsible than, say, 60 years ago. Society tells us that it's all about being happy, and the road to happiness is feeling good all the time. Legalizing prostution and drugs would do NOTHING to solve the current problems stemming from those activities, and it would simply compound on already bad situations.

Jack Camwell said...

Here's an interesting article that poppped up just today.

The last little paragraph is the one that interests me the most: how men justify participation by saying that women who prostitute themselves are inherently different than women who don't.

Anonymous said...

as far as your old west argument...

thats some random web page, but i remember the history channel doing some special on it.

i like the yahoo article. its showing that men who buy sex have no respect towards women. i can certainly see an issue there.

I would liken that to people who work fast food (hear me out).

When you pay for sex, are you buying a product or paying for a service? The difference being that those who view sex as a product treat women with disrespect, like property.

When i go to the cafeteria next door, i have a repore with them. i ask John, or Pat how their days are. whats new etc. they provide me a service by prepairing the food i wish to purchase. i pay more for that because they are doing this. If i made my own damn sandwich at home it would be soggy but cheeper.

There are otehr patrons who basicy tell them to eat a dick while they make their food because they dont have any consiquences for doing so.. (no they cant spit in their food because its an open counter with a splashguard)

all im saying with this is that certain people will always treat other people like trash.

You know what, come to think of it. if a person DOES have a violent history towards women, they would (in my magical unicorn world) be unable to purchase legal sex. so they would be back down to the illigal shit.

This is NOT better for the protitutes who are illegal, but it provides a safer environment for women who are legal.

On to your first argument. Government ya, i do think that the government should have some say in who can and cannot get drugs. This is why.

If your to stupid to pass drivers ed, you are unable to use a device on a public system that the government provides.

If you violate the rights of others, and fail to behave in our society, you go to jail.

substances that impare your judgement or perception should be regulated or restricted, because they can impact your ability to do the first two.

Also realize im stating all of this only havig smoked weed once... and not being that impressed.

I guess what all of this boils down to for me is, there will be 2 markets. 1 group who will always go for the cheepr risky option, and one group who will get the regulated stuff.

I cannot say that me blowing $100 on a bag of weed on a friday night instead of $20 on a case of beer would do damage to anything other than my wallet. the point being it would be done less frequently... but it wouldent be illegal.

im also posititve that quality control would be a popular job :).


Harrison said...

Prostitution is illegal in Vegas.

Jack Camwell said...

Thank you for the technicality. It's only been since 2009 that Clark County made prostitution illegal, but in the state of Nevada, regulated brothels can exist in a county with a population under 400,000 people.

Jersey McJones said...

Legallizing prositution has been attempted in Belgium and other places and it's been a disaster, increasing human trafficking - essentially a kidnapping/blackmail/slave racket.

Any legalization would have to be carefully worded and enforced. Otherwise, keep it illegal.

Just the same, I would decriminalize prsitution itself, while keeping pimps and johns accountable.


Karen Howes said...

I'm in full agreement with you, Jack.

And I can't believe it, but I also find myself totally agreeing with Jersey McJones-- punish the pimps, not the girls, most of whom are basically sex slaves.

Jersey McJones said...

Oftentimes, Karen, I find there are things every mature, sane, intelligent person can agree on. Most things are grayer. But we have a much better chance of agreement if we look deeper into the issue at hand.

You'll find, by the way, that Jack and I agree a lot.

I may the consummate "lib," but I'm not an ideologue. That's kinda the whole point to me.

Jack's the same way, I think. He seems like a very pragmatic guy.

(Forgive me for referring you, Jack! Please don't send out an email that says I'm "not a woman!" Please don't go all "Allen West" on me! LOL! - just kidding around) ;)


Jack Camwell said...

On the contrary, it feeds my already inflated ego.

I am a pragmatist, a Machiavellian at heart. There are some principles from which I won't stray, but I will say that it's fortunate that I'm not in politics.

While I'm not bound to the will of the people, I have the luxury of principles.

Peter McCullough said...

With pornography in every American household via the internet it would be unfair to deprive us of trying out what we have learned when it could be avaiable for the same price as a tank or two of gas. Who provides the morgan wrapper, the whore or the john?

Jack Camwell said...

I like you Peter =)

Peter McCullough said...

Thanks Jack......