Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Top 6 TV Shows I’m Currently Hooked On

Well I can’t write about horribly important shit all the time.  I love television, and I currently have a few shows that I’m following.  This list will include mostly shows that are currently on for the summer season.  Here’s a short list of shows that I absolutely cannot do without.

6.  True Blood:  I’m going to be honest with this.  There is little reason to watch True Blood outside of all the sex that goes on.  Am I the only one that finds vampires kind of kinky?  I think not, and those of you who say I am are god damned liars.  The only draw-back for me is that there’s a lot of dude-on-dude action, which is definitely not my cup of tea.  But I think they’ve got enough girl-on-girl in order for me to forgive them.  Oh yeah, I think there’s some sort of plot-line to it, too.

True Blood airs Sunday nights on HBO at 9:00 pm EST.

5.  Anything with Gordon Ramsay:  Master Chef, Hell’s Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares; I can’t get enough.  I love food, so a show that integrates competition with cooking, and then throws in an acerbic and brutally honest Briton is a winner for me.  I’m not really all about reality shows, but this one is good in my book.  I hate it when they try to throw in all the drama between the contestants because it pretty much makes them look like petulant children, but whatevs.  I love food.

Master Chef airs Monday nights on Fox at 9:00 pm EST.

4.   Breaking Bad:  Bryan Cranston plays a chemistry teacher who, when he learns he has cancer, turns to cooking crystal meth in order to not leave his family destitute from his treatment.  This is one of those truly amazing shows that never seems to fall short of the intense drama that it tries to unfold.  You see an honest and forthright man, a teacher, servant to his community, become as ruthless as the drug manufacturers that have been doing it for their entire lives.  Although Walter White (Cranston's character) is supplying super-pure meth amphetamine, you still find yoursel rooting for him, because he's the badass that every normal person hopes they can be.

Breaking Bad season 4 premiers this Sunday, July 17 at 10:00 pm EST on AMC.

3.  Falling Skies:  Wow.  This show is fairly fucking amazing, but then again just about anything that Steven Spielberg touches is amazing.  I mean think about it: a television series based on an alien invasion that destroys much of the world.  What the hell else could anyone want out of life?!  There are times where the dialogue is a bit too slow for me, and I sort of dislike how they always seem to spend the last 7 minutes of the show trying to characterize everyone’s humanity, but the show is good nonetheless.

Falling Skies airs Sunday nights at 10:00 pm  EST on TNT.

2.  Dexter:  A forensics guy who specializes in blood spatter who is also a serial killer that hunts and kills other serial killers?  Epic win.  Dexter is the type of show that is definitely not for the faint of heart.  It’s on Showtime, so it’s got a lot of artistic license to be as brutal as possible.  It’s violent, it’s witty, it’s dark, and the story arcs are always extremely well done.  Oh yeah, it’s also ridiculously suspenseful, and it’s so engaging that it’s almost impossible to not be sucked in.  The raw emotion coupled with the intense adrenaline makes this a show that everyone in the world should see.

Season 6 of Dexter should begin either this August or fall, and it airs on Showtime Sundays at 9:00 pm EST.

1.  Justified:  What is it about Timothy Oleyphant and being a badass lawman?  Well, whatever it is, he pulls it off.  I first got hooked to his work as an actor on the HBO series Deadwood.  He played a former US Marshal turned sheriff in the Wild West, and on Justified he plays a US Marshall in Kentucky.  In Deadwood, his character was seething with anger and frustration, but he didn’t kill a single soul (that was his actual historical claim to fame), but in Justified he’s the exact opposite: very soft spoken, but he kills a ton of people.  The dialogue is rarely ever boring, and his character Raylan Givens is the quintessential good guy that you love to root for.

Justified should return next May, 2012 I think for its third season, and airs on FX.


Harrison said...

The only one I've seen is Falling Skies. I'm only semi-impressed. A great show (season 4) starts tonight if you have DirecTV called Damages. I tried to watch Justified, I may catch it in re-runs because I like the star.

William McCullough said...

Ramsey is the man. Whether he's insulting a bunch of inept culinary failures on Hell's Kitchen, demeaning amatuer chef's on Master Chef or threatening failed restaurant owners with more failure, its the best entertainment around, and no I'm not a sadist but I do enjoy seeing arrogant wannabe chefs squirm. As for Falling Ski's, I'm there - I'd like to light up a few of those alien bastards myself. Justified - Where else can you get real moonshine and 'hillbilly' dialogue?

KP said...

Love Ramsey! Will give Justified a look. Thanks.

Jack Camwell said...

What makes Justified so good is the plot formula they're sticking to. These days nearly every show has to have some giant story arc. Justified gets away from that.

There are story arcs in each season, but there are a bunch of mini-stories amidst all that. And the best part is that the mini-stories, the individual cases that Dep. Marshall Givens has to handle, are every bit as interesting and engaging as the main arc.

I feel like pacing is a problem that many shows are having these days, and Justified seems to not have that problem. That could be because its seasons are only 12 episodes long.