Saturday, August 6, 2011

5 Things I've Noticed After 20,000 Page Hits

I've been thinking a lot lately . . .
First off:  Fuck S&P right in the goat ass.  Secondly, I've now had over 20,000 page hits since I started back in late March.  I'm not sure if that's good or not, but I'm pretty pleased with myself.  Now that I got that off my chest, there have been some trends that I've noticed on the blogosphere in the past couple of months, and I think they're rather interesting.  So in the words of The Joker, "Here  . . . we  . . . GO."

5.  Strikethrough seems to be going away:  a few months ago I did a top 15 list of things that needed to go away, and strikethrough made the top 5.  One of my fellow bloggers was baffled that it somehow beat Obama for the top 5, but in my mind it was fairly justified.  I tried to be as delicate about it as I could, because even some people that I considered to be good writers/bloggers used it.  Well, lo and behold ever since I derided its use, it seems like it's being used a lot less now.

Maybe it's just a coincidence.  I mean, why would anyone give a shit about what Jack Camwell has to say about their writing style?  That especially rings true when you consider the fact that I use "adult" language here at CFGM.  But I'm going to take the low-road of vanity on this one, and chalk it up to me holding everyone else accountable.  I'm glad that it seems to be going by the wayside, because there are many better ways to sarcastically express our disdain for current events.

4.  Venom:  Speaking of adult language, I've been noticing other blogs using it a lot more lately.  In a recent article about Argentina, Karen Howes over at Eastern Right referred to Evita Peron as a whore.  She also has dropped more F-bombs than usual lately.  I've only been a reader of hers for a short time now, so perhaps she's always been that way.  I've also noticed it a little bit over at Capital Commentary and Western Hero.

Again, I've only been reading these blogs for a few months, but in the past several weeks I've noticed an uptick in foul language.  That's not to denigrate anything they're doing.  All three blogs bring excellent perspectives to the table, and they often offer a point of view that I haven't considered before.  I won't attribute this to myself, as it's probably more likely that they're just getting increasingly frustrated with everything that's going on.  I guess that's what happens when you get old . . .  BOOMSHAKALAKA*

I found this when I searched "strikethrough."
3.  "Compassionate" Christians:  Man, there's a lot of Christians out there who make a big stink about being Christians, yet when the chips are down they're pretty quick to give a big middle finger to people in need.  One blogger actually said that people who "allow" themselves to be ruled by totalitarians deserve to be ruled that way, and some people say that we should tell illegal immigrant children to fuck off on k-12 education.  Also, there's a big "what's mine is mine, and no one can force me to be charitable" attitude.  What's funny about that is no one should have to force you to be charitable if you're a God-fearing Christian.  What do I know . . . I'm just a Catholic.

2.  Reasoned Debate (for the most part):  Whenever someone disagrees with me, rarely do they insinuate that I am ignorant, retarded, or whatever.  Ted over at Country Thinker wrote a big ol' rebuttal to my free market article the other day, and he couldn't help but apologize profusely to assure me that he wasn't being acerbic or anything.  Of course, there was no apology necessary.  Ted is an intelligent guy that always offers reasoned, logical debate, and I love it.

1.  Weekly installments:  Harrison has been doing his blogger interviews, Silverfiddle seems to be starting to feature quotes from his commenters, Karen posts some sort of musical number on Sundays, and Ted (although he's had weekly things for a while now) is starting some new weekly quote thingy.

And a random Epic Fail for your enjoyment.
I've got my Dumbass Idea of the Week, but I don't think that's enough.  One of the neat things that blogger does is it shows us the search terms that are used in google to find our sites.  Because I say "fuck" and "shit" a lot, I get some pretty wild fucking search terms.  So every week, I'll post some of the search terms used to find Christian Fearing God-Man.  Some of them are funny as hell, other disturbing.

So here's the winner for this week:  "casey anthony hot"  Take that however you will.

Anywho, thanks to all of my readers, Liberal and Conservative alike.  I'm appreciative for all those who enjoy CFGM and what I'm trying to accomplish.  Have an excellent Saturday afternoon!

*I love you guys, but since I'm like half your age I just couldn't help myself =D


Anonymous said...


I find you an interesting fellow with a singular-if-not-unique point of view.

I haven't quite figured you out yet, and may never be able to, but that makes you all the more intriguing.

I don't understand the compulsive use of vulgarity. It doesn't shock or offend me at all -- in fact I'm far more offended at prudish types (usually women) who stand up on their metaphorical kitchen chairs, say EEEEEEK! and get out their proverbial rulers and start dealing out sharp metaphorical blows to the metaphorical fingers of those who would dare offend their oh-so delicate sensibilities and insult their oh-so pious "religious convictions" by saying such things as SHIT! FUCK! PISS! CUNT! BITCH! BASTARD! and YOU GOD-DAMNED MORON! et al.

I've often done this just to tweak their prissy, pious, smugly hypocritical little noses -- and for no other reason -- but only in rare instances. I can stand just so much pious posturing, and then I just want to smack 'em down -- hard.

Vulgarity has its place -- like herbs and spices in good cooking -- HOWEVER, using it all the time robs it of its impact. It loses its savor and becomes humdrum -- even tedious.

One can't help but notice that you make a point of peppering nearly everything you post with these common four-letter words. I wonder what you hope to accomplish by doing this? It's okay with me, and it wont stop me from visiting here, but it seems -- well -- gratuitous.

I can't see the need for it. I don't think it enhances the quality of your articles, and it really could get in the way of getting others to read and heed your messages, because many won't read bother to read beyond the first FUCK.

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

The cheese stands alone.
The cheese stands alone.
Hi Ho the Derry-o
The cheese stands alone.

I never expected to be the only one here today.

Hope you're all having a great time.


~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

Oh hell! Nobody here again.

This is getting to be too much like masturbation -- the solitary vice.

I'd better get out of here before I start growing hair on the palms of my hands or something.

Jack, I hope you're out having a great time. Don't gorget to keep the home fires burning, however. We need you.

~ FreeThinke

Jack Camwell said...

I thank you for being faithful FreeThingke.

All language loses it's potency when overused. The thing is that most bloggers seem to save the "fucks" and "shits" for when it would bear the most impact, but I don't see them as different from any other word.

The point of CFGM is for everyone to be open and honest. The point is for everyone to drop whatever frills and niceties that they might present IRL, and to just be real with each other.

At one point I was a sailor, so four letter words were/are commonplace to me. My style of writing is one that integrates both intellectual vernacular with the vulgar.

The whole point is for me to be difficult to figure out. Most intellectuals feel the need to clean up their language, because it's less coarse and more appealing for people. As I've told many people that know me personally, I'm not like any intellectual you've met before. My whole point is to show that there is substance in the words, even if the words are not what you would consider to be "well put together" or "intelligent."

The world is a complex place, and I exemplify that complexity.

Side note: I am fairly inhebriated at the moment, so take that into consideration. Hope everyone's Staturday has been as fun as mine =)

Silverfiddle said...

I do try to refrain from crude language on my blog (although I routinely employ it in my daily life), but sometimes you just gotta use the S-word.

What else do you call those "packaged securities" full of worthless mortgages that S&P gave 10 gold start to and that crashed the world economy other than shitbombs?

"Stinkbombs" just doesn't fit the bill.

And I would never call you stupid or retarded because you definitely are not. Also, direct ad hominem is the mark of a loser.

I qualify it with "direct" because imho indirect ad hominem, e.g. "those dumb bastards in Washington" is a staple of rant-style blogging.