Monday, August 1, 2011

Dumbass Idea of the Week

This is not so much a news story as it is a story about an experience I had this past week.  I work in a call center, and as such I come across people with quite a wide variety of names.  A co-worker and I always tell each other the craziest names we've come accross.

I've seen silly shit like Cki (pronounced like sky), Laviathan, Chimera, Taunteyounna, and King/Sir (Insert Name).  But one she had this week absolutely took the cake:


Yes, Ji-fucking-had.  And this kid is not Muslim.  His last name is as American as it gets, and neither of his parents are Muslim.  The kid's name is Jihad.  I am convinced that in 50 years America is going to be filled with complete morons with retarded names.  I still weep for the future.


Harrison said...

That's a bad name. Hope he doesn't mind waiting at airports.

Silverfiddle said...

Careful, Bill Cosby caught a big load of crap criticizing the ridiculous names people come up with nowadays.

Peter McCullough said...

I am a high school basketball official(referee) and some of the girl's names I have heard on the court can only be spelled phonetically: Phonecia, Squashena, Tisheel, Theanona, Masha. My favorite of course is the boy name Amfrony. Nuff' said.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget The couple that named their son Adolf.


Damien Charles QC said...

I used to shake my head at people with their surname "claus" calling thier son "Santa" but they may as well have called this one "shootme".

Peter McCullough said...

How about the Irishman named Patty O'furniture