Friday, August 26, 2011

One thing the world will never be short of . . .

"What do you mean the rebels looted
my wardrobe???"
. . . is crazy ass dictators.  Gadhaffi's reign of bullshit is all but ended, but we still have some loons in charge of entire peoples.  What's worse is that these nut-jobs are also actively working on nuclear "projects."  Let's look at some of the crazies we have running sovereign nations.

Actually, I only want to focus on two of them, and they're in the news all the time: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and Kim Jong Il of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.  I used the "official," country names for a reason.  As usual I hate to point out the obvious, but both of these totalitarian states try to seem democratic or republican just by throwing in those words into their names.  Fun fact, an Iranian will not refer to his or her country as Iran, but will actually refer to it as the "Islamic Republic."

These societies intrigue me, because I always wonder how much of the people actually support their regimes.  In the DPRK, I imagine that it's pretty brutal, and that the people would rather just accept their lot and live rather than be thrown in a secret prison.  I know that in Iran there's a lot of youth upstarts, but why doesn't it go anywhere?

Anyway, Ahmadinejad is a fucking wacko.  He supports their theocracy, we know that he's likely trying to obtain nuclear weapons, he's constantly defiant on international issues, he's a Holocaust denier, and he thinks that Israel is a "rotting corpse," that should be annihilated, along with all the Jews in it.  And the best part is that he has no problem saying any of this out in the open.

" . . . but seriously, fuck all those Jews."
I spent six months in the Persian Gulf, and I had to devote a lot of my time, effort, and research on Iran.  I can tell you that their military is somewhat formidable, especially their Navy and Air Force, and they have a big geographical strategic advantage in the Gulf.  I can also tell you that the Iranians play chicken a lot.  A frigate got close enough for us to see its weapon loadout, and when we were guarding the Al Basra and Khor Al Amaya Oil Terminals (ABOT and KAAOT), the Iranians were the only ones that gave us any trouble.

And then there's Kim Jong Il.  You have to question the sanity of a world leader who stars in his own music videos.  You also have to question the sanity of someone who's constantly threatening nuclear holocaust, all the while knowing that using nuclear weapons would pretty much doom him and his entire regime.  Either all of his threats are hollow, or he's actually insane.

Kim could be bipolar as well.  One minute he's threatening us with righteous nuclear holy war, or some such shit, and the next minute he wants to just sit down and talk it all out.  It's always like daddy just hit mommy at the dinner table, and he's trying to appologize so we don't go blabbing to a social worker.

This photo still leaves me speechless.
Honestly, all I know is that I'm glad I'm not a world leader, so I don't have to deal with all these nutjobs and wacktards.  Lucky for the Libyans they had some of the most powerful nations in the world backing up their revolution.  Would you start an uprising without that kind of support?


Karen Howes said...

You're right, there's no shortage of crazy-ass dictators, but I don't see the uprisings in the Middle East as good things either-- I don't think Islamist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood are an improvement over Murabak and Gadhaffi.

Obumbler's involvement in a war for EUROPEAN oil doesn't seem to be bringing out the Code PInkos for some reason.

Silverfiddle said...

Those guys are completely whacked, and Ding Dong Ill is especially evil.

They would almost make very funny parodies if they weren't crushing millions of souls under their boot heels.

I really hope we are providing quiet, covert assistance to the Iranian resistance movement, such as it is.

I am four-square against invading, but I would love to see the people topple the mullahs themselves.

North Korea is a prison camp with everyone on starvation rations. I see no help for those poor people other than prayer.

Jack Camwell said...

The Brotherhood might implement Sharia law, but even that is an improvement to Gadhaffi. I don't think Mubarak was nearly as bad as Gadhaffi, but make no mistake that that wacko in Libya was a party to some horrifying stuff.

Silver, Ding Dong Il made me lol. And you're right that the North Koreans are likely in a hopeless situation. As the saying goes, though "God is not here today, priest."

Jersey McJones said...


Let's clear a few things up here...

Ahmadinejad is not a dictator. He is a president. The Mullahs are the ones who really run the country. They are the dictators.

No Iranian I know, and I've known lots, refer to their homeland as anything other than Iran. Not "Islamist Republic," not "Persia," etc. The only time people use that name is when they are officially, or just formally, representing the country, or are speaking to the press or the like are feel they have to use the official name for fear of reprisal - from the Mullahs, the real rulers.

Iran has real problems, but one day it will be free, and the people will be successul.

So yes, you probably did hear people in and around Iran refer to it that way, but I've known plenty of them in the States who never do.

The DPRK is another matter entirely. The damage done to the people is so severe, so catastrophic, even if they were all free tomorrow, it would take them generations to recover from the weird dictatorial communist anachronism that is the DPRK.


Harrison said...

I want to know what becomes of his hot Russian female bodyguards.

Jack Camwell said...

I was referring to people actually in Iran. I've known Iranians outside of Iran, and of course they call it Iran because they don't have to call it the "Islamic Republic."

Saddam Hussein was also a "president."

D Charles QC said...


in many aspects JMJ is correct. Iran's President was elected in a process that was "partially" fare and is only a mouthpiece to the real dictators which is the leading faction of the Supreme Council.

To add to that Ahmajinedad is also a puppet to the Revolutionary Guard which is a militant-political group. As you may have seen in the last few months, the RG and the Supreme Council have been struggling to gain leverage against each other. We can say, therefore, that Ahmadinejad is only a mouthpiece, and frankly not a good one.

The problem in Iran is the dominance of the clerics, the RG and the power to control the large rural and uneducated mass of the country (which gives the the majority excuse in elections) and provides active supporters.

The middle-class and the business sector are the losers and it was the business sector (the Bazaaris) whom made the mistake of supporting the revolution to get rid the Shah who was a corrupt dictator-tyrant.

This middle-class and Bazaaris are as western as you and I, moderate or even irreligous and like many others, live in a repressive life in pubic and try and get on with life privately as best as they can.

Cheers and I hope you are all well and safe if on the East Coast.

Anonymous said...

I wonder who Kim Jong Il's dentist could be? He's got excellent teeth.

I'll bet he goes outside North Korea to keep his smile in shape.

~ FreeThinke