Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Shitting on the Parade: The Debt Ceiling and You

I thought about photoshopping in a giant pile of shit, but
it looks like the guy in front has that covered. . . .
Come with me on a magical journey of horrifying imagery that only a sick mind such as mine would cook up.

Imagine you're waiting for a parade to begin.  You know it's full of floats and marching bands playing music and what not.  You're standing there at the side of the road, excited from all the anticipation, and as you hear the marching band playing from a distance, you see the beginning of the parade approach.

Just as the parade nears you, the guy standing next to you walks out into the middle of the street, drops trow, and takes a giant shit in the middle of the road, directly in the path of the parade.  Flabbergasted, the people at the front of the parade stop and stand there, unsure of how to proceed.

Do they side-step the pile of shit?  Do they step over it?  Do they just continue on walking as if it's not even there and hope that by the time the middle of the parade reaches ground zero it will already be gone, having been spread all over the shoes of those in the beginning of the parade?

That's what this whole god damned debt ceiling thing has been like.  Someone, or a group of people, took a big shit in the middle of the road, and those in control of fixing it couldn't agree on how to solve the shit problem.  Instead of just stopping the fucking parade and cleaning it up, they side-stepped it and are now waiting for the rest of us to step in it and drag it along.  And of course, this brilliant conclusion was only reached after months of just standing there and staring at it.

I understand the need to raise the debt ceiling, as failing to do so would only exacerbate just about everything ever, but I've got this sneaking suspicion that the current deal is probably not good enough in the long-term.

We do have a problem in terms of finances.  I'm tired of people pretending that shit is not out of control.  Yes, jobs are sucking major asshole right now, but how can we expect them to get any better unless we get our finances under control?  Do we somehow think that everyone started getting laid off for no reason?  Surely, I current woes are due in part to our fiscal irresponsibility.

The fact is that we have to stop hemorrhaging fake money.  Our fiscal policies devalue the dollar and push us to the brink of default.  Democrats piss me off because they keep saying "well many economists say that running deficits in a recession is a good thing!"  Republicans piss me off because they pretend like raising taxes on rich people is some sort of horrifying sin that's going to send us straight to oblivion (I'm talking actually rich, not the poor bastards who only bring in $250k a year from their business and maybe see $40k of that).  And both parties piss me off because one insists on overregulation while the other insists on underregulation.

Seriously, what the hell?  Why is it so god damned hard to work out a solution that's going to set us up for success in the future?  I suppose the answer to that question is easy:  it's because both sides have all their experts that tell them conflicting shit.  Doesn't it make you wonder why all these experts can't seem to agree on anything?

Something tells me that perhaps we should take a note from FDR on all this.  I know, I probably just wrote a conservative sacrilege, but hear me out before you get the damn pitchforks and torches ready.  I'm not calling for an expansion of government, but rather the strategy of "bold, persistent experimentation."  We're not going to get anywhere by just tossing around all the old tricks, and I think it's time for a new approach.

Harry Reid
Make budget cuts and raise taxes a little bit?  End ridiculous tax subsidies and revise the code to keep people from abusing loop holes like $20 whores?  Actually force government agencies to operate efficiently while still making sure that the people's needs are met?  I know, I know, perish the thought, right?  Perhaps it's time to put a stop to the "all one way or all the other," approach.  With historical examples of how both extremes, liberal and conservative, have been failures, maybe now we can try to forge a middle of the road solution that takes the best of both worlds.

The time for partisanship is over, or else we're just going to keep having mad shitters take their massive dumps on the parade path.  I don't know about you, but I really don't like getting shit on my shoes.


Karen Howes said...

What a great analogy, Jack!

Peter McCullough said...

Thre's an old adage we've all heard,"Do the easy ones twice". Well, we are the easy ones and they will do us over and over and over, simply because they can. it is a sad commentary on the American voter, come this November and all the Novembers to follow,who will put these pigs back in office. And as for that shit in the road, we no longer manufacture pooper scoopers in this country so we will have to rely on the Chicoms for that too!
I agree, great analogy Jack.

Damien Charles QC said...

Remembering that I am not American nor live there and a what I believe is a traditional Centre-Right Conservative I have to say this is frustrating to the least.

I would rather that a Democrat solution - considering they are in Government - be fully plaid out than a half-arse poltical spoiler-enhanced compromise.

We vote, via democratic process, for a political socio-economic agenda and thus it should given the chance to prove itself. At the end of the period, if we are unhappy then vote for an alternative, if there is one. Compromise means that that agenda/platform that the people chose to support is alreasy tainted, now imagine third parties demanding even more so.

The Republicans are no longer in control of their own agenda, the tea-party has ensrued that, the Democrats have moved so much to the right to try and gain conserative votes that they have dissapointed elements of their own voters, so now it is compromise and there is no socio-economic agenda anymore. Two Republican parties and a dissapointing Democratic one is a recipe for disaster. Once upon a time, Americans squabbled, shouted and accused each other during elections but once "the people" chose then they all supported the effort and only played "politics" in committes and for the next election. In some ways I feel sorry for Obama.

But if you think that is tragic, think about The Netherlands. To form a government, the Conservative VVD party sided with the Christian Democrats, the SGP Fundamentalist Christians and Geert Wilders' bigoted PVV Freedom Party. Their socio-economic agenda has fallen in a heap and what they press as policy now represents nobody and even to a degree hard-line bigotry. This was done because no matter what, a guy named Rutte just "had to be" the Prime Minister. FYI, the SGP's platform actually includes banning women from voting and public office or civil service jobs....

Jack Camwell said...

I'm glad all of you enjoyed the analogy. Vivid imagery has always been one of my strong points.

Damien, yes I think you've hit some very good points on the notionn that party agendas are getting very warped.

There are a lot of factors that have gone into this. One is how congressional districts are drawn up. They're almost always split down the middle to marginalize as many opposition voters as possible, and that makes some districts extremely contentious.

Although I don't think it's a bad thing for a representative to try his best to represent ALL of his constituents, I think that it has led to some harmful side effects.

Harrison said...

The person who cleans it up is the guy who has a job, pays his taxes, and obeys the law.

Silverfiddle said...

The analogy was a good one, but I think its more like the DC parade crapping on the rest of us.

You are almost right, Jack, when you say we need bold, persistent experimentation. We do need it, from the private sector, the people.

The progressives of all parties have been performing experiments on We The People for 100 years now, and look where it has gotten us. Time to take their chemistry set away.

We have advanced as a society, but we are so broke that the numbers are unimaginable.

Time to give free markets and personal liberty a try.

William McCullough said...

K Street spends a lot of money on both sides of the aisle to keep those subsidies coming....meanwhile the cretins in Congress feed us meager crumbs in order to keep us quiet; they tried that in ancient Rome and it back fired....Unfortunately for us there is no Brutus in the wings waiting for Obama