Thursday, August 25, 2011

Teacher Tells the Truth

I was going to make a post about wacky dictators for today--I even found some good pictures of them--but I read this story and immediately became incensed.

This was a follow-up story about a highschool English teacher in Pennsylvania who was censured for writing "offensive," things about her students on her blog.  I remember reading about it a few months ago, and I found the whole situation fairly entertaining.  The woman said that her students are "dim," and that many of them are whiney and complain too much.

Well, apparently the students and parents caught wind of this, and they were pissed about it. 

Let's get something straight here.  If my child's teacher tells me that my kid is dim, whiney, and unmotivated my reaction would be to jump up my kid's ass and ask him why the hell he's being such a shithead.  Not every teacher is perfect and right in their estimation of their students.  I once observed an 8th grad social studies teacher that was absolutely attrocious.  The kids in her class were shitheads, but it was difficult to tell if they were shitheads because she was attrocious, or if she was attrocious because they were shit heads.

Be that as it may, we need to stop pretending that our children are our little scholarly angels.  We demand that teachers help develop our children into productive, mature young adults, and our response when they try to tell us how our kids are is to shit on the teacher?

What is even more laughable is that students at this particular high school are allowed to have a different teacher than her if they request.  That's exactly what we should do!  Not only should we tell our precious kids that they're all so special and wonderful, but we should also accommodate them for every whim they have.  Because, you know, no one in their adult life will ever criticize them, and they'll always be able to request a different boss if they don't get along, or if their boss is too hard on them.

I honestly don't get why parents these days feel the need to shelter their kids from shit that will help them grow.  You know what I want for my children?  I want them both to be strong, independent adults who are not afraid to work hard in order to get a job done.  I don't want them to be hypersensitive pansies who can't take any criticism from anyone.

Call me old fashioned, but the future is likely to be filled with a bunch of whimpy dumbasses with stupid names.


Jersey McJones said...

The teacher should not have written that. It was unprofessional.

That said, I'm sure she has a point, but that point is lost when she lowered herself to name-calling, like a dim kid.

Yes, we have a serious problem with our culture.

We have broken families, and in those that aren't broken, both parents are working and not at home enough anyway. Stress over money and job security, with stagnant wages for over thirty years now, a shrinking middle class, and the demise of our industrial heart, have put pressures on the family that we haven't ever seen in our history.

Since the arrival of the Baby Boomers, we've had an almost rabid religion of hyper-personal-individualism, culminating with the "Me Generation" of Americans who don't care about anything but their immediate whims.

Anti-intellecualism has manifested itself from the Religious Right to the "Too Cool for School" crowd, from almost every demographic and income level. Pride in ignorance rules the day. The dumber you are, the more "American" you are, and proudly so.

We have highly unrealistic personal goals and expectations, and when those fall short, as they almost always do, we succumb to social ills, like booze, irresponsible sex, irresonsible borrowing and spending, pills, drugs, gambling, slothe, and worse.

We have some very serious cultural problems that seem clearly to be both a result and furtherance of our national decline.

You're not "old fashioned," Jack. If anything your vision of the future tame compared to mine.


LD Jackson said...

Let me give you an example of what would have happened if a teacher accused me or my twin brother of being lazy, etc. Our Mom would have gotten to the bottom of the situation, one way or the other. If Dad's help were to be needed, and we prayed hard that it wouldn't, then she would bring him in. Not a pleasant thing for that to happen.

Let's put it another way. Our home was not a democracy or a republic. What our parents said was law and we were suspected to be guilty until proven innocent. Could it be that is one reason we never got into to much trouble at school? Probably was, since we were extremely fearful of the consequences at home, were that to happen.

KP said...

LD, sounds like my home. I never had a problem at school either.

Harrison said...

The decline of Western civilization began when 7th place got a trophy.

Jersey McJones said...

"The decline of Western civilization began when 7th place got a trophy."

Western Civilization is not in decline. America is.

It has nothing to do with inclusionary socialization, Harrison.

It has to do with anti-intellectualism, hypocritical morality, avarice disguised as individualism, and irresponsible goverance disguised as liberty.

The first two problems have always been with us. The last two are relatively modern phenomena that we'd be wise to recognize.


Jack Camwell said...

Larry and Kevin, it was the same way for me. Adults apparently used to understand that they can only trust their kids so much.

Jersey, I whole heartedly believe that there's never been a decline: things have always been bad.

Jennifer said...

The decline of Western civilization began when 7th place got a trophy.