Tuesday, August 23, 2011

This Guy Has a Lumber Yard in His Eye

This, ladies and gentleman, is the face of a shithead.
What is it with men of the cloth committing horrifying acts of sexual depravity?  The most prominent men caught destroying the lives of their flock are Catholic priests, but down in South Carolina a Baptist preacher has been taken into custody for allegedly using the grounds behind his church to rape 3 women.

Seriously: what the hell?  How do we even make sense of silly shit like this?  In human society there's only a handfull of people that you can trust, and for the most part we consider those people as trustworthy.  We trust fireman and policeman, and of course we trust our pastors and religious figures.  I guess the question we all have to ask ourselves now is should we trust them?

I don't blame any Catholic who doesn't fully trust their child around a priest, even if their parish priest is generally a good man who would never do anything to harm the children.  It's happened so much over the years that it even makes me a bit uneasy, eventhough I know that it's not as rampant as everyone is made to believe.

I hate to point out the obvious, but it stings a lot more when the people who spit out sermons about Christian goodness every Sunday commit such violence against mankind.  It makes me wonder what the hell is going on in their heads.  Are they merely predatory beings?  Are they just fucked up in the skull and can't help themselves?  What went so wrong?  Also, it makes me wonder just how much of their own bullshit they believe, or if they believe in anything at all.

Do they really believe in Jesus and his message of peace and love, or is it all a lie?  We can say that it must obviously be a lie, but we don't know what's in their hearts.  As asinine as it sounds, they could very well believe in what they preach.  However, of course, that does nothing to excuse what they've done, and this is not an attempt on my part to dismiss judgment upon their actions.  I'm just curious to know whether they're lying through their teeth on Sundays, or if they simply can't help but give in to their detestable desires.

What's super ironic about this shithead Dale Richardson is that the sermon he preached on the Sunday before he was arrested was specifically about Jesus' "before you remove the speck from someone else's eye, you must first remove the plank out of yours" message.  For a man who has to spend his Sunday mornings telling his faithful flock that they are going to hell lest they repent from their sinful lives and be saved by Jesus, it sounds like he's got a god damned rain-forrest's worth in planks in his eye.


D Charles QC said...

I am Catholic and though I had the fortune of being or seeing abuse in my childhood, thirty years ago when my children were at school, I made it a point to make it a point that everything was safe.

It always astounds me about clerical abuse from any faith. This guy is a good example but I would go further even out of the sex-abuse arena. There is always something that bothers me when you see tele-evangelists or other "spirtual leaders" who preach particularly to the poor and vulnerable but then have huge mansions, expensive cars and lifestyles. I am sure we can all think of examples....

Remember the days of the community priest who was as poor, trustworthy and as simple as we were?

Jack Camwell said...

Very excellent point Damien. My parish priest is incredibly fat, and whenever I see him I always envision him as being the quintessential medieval bishop: overweight and wanting for nothing while his flock starves in the streets.

You have to remember though that the televangelists probably buy into the whole Protestant work ethic thing. They're so rich because it's an outward sign of God's grace on them. God must favor them and provide because they work hard, so they should rightly keep it.

We Catholics get shit on for even muttering social justice under our breath.

Jersey McJones said...

Catholic nonsense aside, Protestant nonsense aside, some of the teachings of the Bible create conduits for depraved behavior.

Dogma that are not directly associated with "God" have been imposed on societies throughout history. Silly, arbitrary, misogynistic traditions should be considered uncooth and stupid to a modern, Western person.


Anonymous said...

An accusation does not -- and should not -- constitute proof of anything.

What is the physical evidence against him? Was his "DNA" found in the vagina of any of the women in question? Where is the gun he allegedly used? What sort of people are his accusers? Are there any marks of physical abuse on any of them? Are there any fingerprints to tie him to these women?

Girls of 20 who go out hitchhiking are not out looking for rides they are usually looking for trouble. Lots and lots and lots of young girls are experienced whores by the time they reach puberty.

The popular culture has encouraged and applauded lewdness, indecency and immorality and touted them as positive virtues for more than forty years now. The career of Madonna alone is proof enough of that.

Teachers, doctors and clergymen are considered "fair game" by immoral, predatory bitches who think it's "great fun" to destroy men of fame or men in positions of trust and authority.

There's a world of difference too in falling prey to seduction and taking a victim by brute force against her will.

The history, character and reputation of the women involved is of paramount importance. the idea of raping a whore has always struck me as the height of absurdity.

The man, however is probably a fool, but I doubt if he's guilty of violent sexual assault. The new orthodoxy on matters of this kind is absurd.

Cherchez la femme!

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...


"Social justice" is a code word for COMMUNISM nothing more and nothing less.

The idea that being rich is evil and that poverty is a condition imposed on the great mass of humanity by unprincipled, exploitative hypocrites is straight out of the Communist Manifesto.

Mercy and Charity are beautiful. When enforced at the point of gun they are profoundly evil -- like any other form of theft.

Class Warfare stinks to high heaven.

~ FreeThinke

Harrison said...

It could well be that some people become priests because they feel lost and broken inside and think praying to god and serving him will fix what's broken. It doesn't, of course, so they bugger little boys.

Silverfiddle said...

Conduits of depraved behavior, Jersey?

Looked at our popular culture lately?

Ya got uncooth yoots running around all over the place.

Do you think before you speak?

Jack Camwell said...

FreeThinke: Social justice simply means that no one should HAVE to put a gun to your head to get you to be charitable.

It's not evil to be rich, but I think it's very, very wrong to not aleviate the suffering of others when doing so would pose no threat of putting yourself out in the street along with them.

Look at Hollywood celebrities for example. They live extremely lavish lifestyles and spend $20 million on their weddings. All of that money could have gone to something that actually makes another human-being's life better. That $20 million could have gone to cancer research, or a scholarship fund, or a whole host of shit that could have made a very positive impact on society.

You're right that no one should be forced to be charitable. But you're wrong in saying that preaching a message of kindness, mercy, and justice is a message of communism.

It's simply called being a good person. I don't know how religious you are, but didn't Jesus say that for a rich person to enter heaven it's about as hard as threading a camel through a needle?

I don't have a problem with rich people. But the one's who are filthy rich and tout Christianity like it somehow makes them a better person make me laugh.

And Jersey, what traditions are you talking about? I think the idea of not raping women and living a humble lifestyle are good things . . .

D Charles QC said...

Free Thinkie,

the term "social justice" may by classical definition include economic egalitarianism (progressive taxation, income redistribution and even property redistribution)but the vast majority who use the term consider it to be simply "equality" at a social level (ie being treated the same). The concept of social justice became a topic through a combination of a demand for improvements from an abused working class in Italy in the mid 1800s and quickly was supported by the Catholic Church. It reached America via the clergy and the large Italian community and spread to the Irish and other communities.

I am not giving a history lesson here but though absolutely there is links to socialism, it is only through this that it has links to communism. In fact we can argue that it was pretty clear that the reality showed that if anything, social justice never was a major concern of communists except for the income and property re-distrubution element.

I think we are talking more about economic and social bigotry.