Friday, September 9, 2011

Dick Cheney, Go Away

Anyone that bears a freakish resemblance to a Batman
villain should never be taken seriously.
I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that Dick Cheney is an incredibly irrelevant character in our political world.  He was irrelevant as a VP, and he's even more irrelevant now.

What I can't stand is when people don't see their own irrelevance.  He was incredibly unpopular as far as vice presidents go, and we have to assume that he knows that.  I mean really, how many Republicans even liked him?  He was a liability, what with his heart problems and shooting people, and now he wants to assume some sort of commentary position.

Does he really think that people put any sort of stock in anything he says?  He wrote a book recently in which he accused Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice of saying things that both parties deny were ever said.  Who should America trust on that: Colin Powell, the hero general who has served his country honorably for years, or Darth Cheney, some old bastard who is totally fine with torture?

John Adams got much of the same treatment after his political career.  Hell, even Gordon S. Wood, one of my favorite American Revolution historians, said that Adams was irrelevant at times.  But at least Adams expressed something efficacious about American government and politics.  He was out of touch with popular sentiment, but I think that Adams was aware of that.

I can't say for sure that Cheney thinks this, but he seems to believe that he's actually expressing the popular will.  Adams was cantankerous and crotchety because he knew no one was listening to him.  Every time Cheney appears on some news interview shit, he's got some horrifying grin, the only kind that comes from some sense of satisfaction.

It could just be that he's happy to finally be able to speak his mind without fear of reprisal.  Even so, I find it ridiculous that he even does so.  I'm not sure if the simple fact that he is irrelevant is annoying, or if it's the possibility that he doesn't realize it.  I mean, who gives a fuck if he thinks Hillary Clinton should run for president.  We know he only wants her to because he thinks it would hurt Obama.

Not only is he irrelevant, but he's a giant douche that no one should trust any farther than they can throw him.  Please, Dick, crawl back under your rock.


Anonymous said...

Hey Dick,
On your way out take the other irrelavent dick with you, Karl Rove.

Anonymous said...

It looks to me as though you are conflating popularity with relevancy, or sex appeal with moral and intellectual substance, Jack.

Oscar Wilde said, "Whatever is popular is wrong."

I tend to agree with Oscar. Popular taste is deplorable. The people for the most part are crazy about anything that's flashy, gaudy, obvious, meretricious, vulgar, promiscuous, and promises to make life "easy."

If that were not true, why the hell do you think they elected a pompous, authoritarian turd with a deep voice and a shallow mind like Obama?

Cheney is not a "fun" guy. He's not sexy, not glamorous, not flashy, and he doesn't reach out with any phony appeals to raw emotion to try to make you like him. He's dry, but he's go intellectual heft and a life of tremendous accomplishment behind him -- In short he's The Anti-Pop Culture Man.

I think he's one of very few who tells what-he-believes-to-be the truth. Naturally, that's going to make him extremely unpopular.

To make it with "The people" you have to be an accomplished liar, and a devious, unfeeling, heartless, manipulative cynic -- like Obama.

So, I think you're wrong in this one.

Cheney is in many ways like the music of Webern, Berg, Schoenberg, Stravisnsky, Bartok, Shostakovich, Kabalevsky and Prokofieff -- brilliant, complex, subtle, deep, but not often "pretty," instead it's often harsh, austere, uncompromising, even repellent to those who are uncomfortable looking beneath the surface. That doesn't mean it's bad -- as I think you've discovered for yourself.

If the media hates Dick Cheney, then it's axiomatic that Cheney must be one of the good guys.

~ FreeThinke

Silverfiddle said...

He may be irrelevant now, but he was not irrelevant as VP. He has great influence on a lot of policy decisions we are still living with.

Not liking someone doesn't make them irrelevant. Nobody outside of San Fran Sicko or the handful of people who watch msnbc like Pelosi, but she was very relevant during the ObamaCare Putsch.

D Charles QC said...

To a degree I agree with Free Thinkie and Silver. Cheney was not irrelevent and in many ways he and the clic that he was part of pulled the strings of the country. We may even say that at the top level it was GWBush that was less relevent.

At the start National Security, Defence and Foreign Policy was managed by the Cheney-Rumsfield part of government and Ambassador Bolton was a placement from them.

Former British PM Tony Blair discusses the strong political bond between this group and found that it was difficult to deal with Bush in that they were always present, but that if you wanted things done - you just grabbed them. Colin Powell felt stage managed and chose to leave.

Like him or not (I do not), his past relevency should not be downplayed, but his present one - most certainly. He is a sad example of someone who will spend his last days trying to justify himself.

Jersey McJones said...

Cheney was a powerful force for malevolence in the first term of the GW Bush presidency. But when you look at the span of his entire career, you see just how relevent, and how starkly evil, the guy really was and is. There should be a special place in hell for Dick Cheney.


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