Thursday, September 1, 2011

The finger pointing is getting a little bit out of hand . . .

When I was in the Navy, stationed on the USS San Jacinto, we were stuck in the ship yards during a hurricane.  I watched from the bridge as it tore the shit out of downtown Norfolk.  I wasn't afraid, of course, knowing that there was a lot of steel between the elements and me, and I knew we wouldn't capsize or anything crazy like that, but it was still crazy to see the destruction first hand.

That's why I don't blame anyone for getting the fuck out of dodge of Irene's path, and I'm not going to shit allover the government and weather people who told them to do so.

I'm not a fan of Obama.  I didn't vote for his ass, and I'm looking foreward to him potentially getting beaten in the next election.  I've called him out on his bullshit, and I lay blame at his feet when he deserves it, but I'm not going to shit allover him for telling people to take shelter from a storm.

We all know that hind-site is 20/20, and we all know that predicting the weather and the destructive capacity of mother nature is not an exact science.  You only need to live in Ohio for a year to truly understand just how tenuous and ridiculous the weather can be.  So why the hell are we going to get on Obama's case because he did the right thing by urging caution?

We can't even really shit on the strategy behind it.  What would have happened if they didn't warn anyone, and things went really, really badly?  Then they'd be in even more hot water for not doing enough.

Seriously, griping on an administration for being too cautious is a bit ridiculous.  Claiming that it's just another example of the "nanny state," is equally ridiculous.  This is not the government trying to infringe on your rights by not allowing you to do certain things.  There's a difference between warning people and actually forcing something upon them.  The government has every right to tell us that trans-fats and sodium are unhealthy in large quantities.  They're perfectly justified in telling people the dangers and consequences of smoking.

Just as well, they're well within their bounds to tell people that they should probably get the fuck out of the path of a hurricane.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: there are far better and more legitimate things to ding the Obama administration on than acts of nature, the impact of which we can't possibly predict.


Harrison said...

I don't think the (Federal) government over-reacted but Bloomberg and Christie did go to far (as did the news channels).

I am very sad about Obama having to end his vacation a day early though.

PMc said...

How about Michelle left alone without her main man blowing smoke at her from his ciggie while she polishes off that sack of burgers, fries and carrot sticks.

Anonymous said...

What's that guy got against Pennsylvania?

~ FreeThinke