Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What "Justice" Has Come to Mean

Upon further review I realized that the message here is out
of context of the entire article . . . but it references prison rape
so it was an automatic winner.
Ted over at Country Thinker wrote a really revealing article yesterday about a woman who was sued by her children literally for being a bad mother.  What I like about Country Thinker is that Ted is a former lawyer, so he's got some incredibly valuable insight to our legal system.

I remember reading about this story a couple of months ago and getting pissed off about it.  It's pretty fucking ridiculous that kids can sue their parents for being "bad parents."  Maybe if the parents were abusive and like nearly beat them to death every day I could possibly understand that, but other than that what constitutes a bad parent?

That question is far too subjective for the law to answer.  So long as you're not causing your children any actual emotional or physical harm deliberately then it's really no one's business how you raise your kids.  When my brothers and I got older, my mom had to start beating us with implements to punish us.  She was a single mom, and we were healthy boys, so her spankings eventually stopped inflicting any meaningful pain.  By today's standards, mainstream douchebags would probably condemn her and bring her up on child abuse charges.  Apparently I should be suing her?

But then there's the fact that the way she raised us made us all turn out pretty damn well.  Sure, my brothers and I can be dumbasses at times and make some bad decisions, but who the hell doesn't?  Did I get hammered drunk a week ago because mommy beat me with a ping-pong paddle?  I dunno, maybe?  But probably not.

As if the lawsuit even happening wasn't retarded enough, we have to look at the legal shit that makes the situation even more horrifying.  This woman has spent the last two years in fucking litigation.  Christ only knows what sort of ridiculous legal fees she's racked up with all of this.  A case like this should have been dismissed immediately, especially given the fact that the lawyer for the kids is their own father . . . her ex-husband.

So what the fuck has the legal system become in this country?  What's more, what has this done to the definition of justice?  I can tell you one thing: justice in America doesn't seem to have anything to do with everyone getting what they deserve, and even less to do with harmony.  Justice has been perverted to mean that everyone should try to squeeze as much blood and money out of their offenders as possible, even if the offense is trivial.

Also out of context, but awesome.
It also means that we have in place a legal system that is so complicated that it's nearly impossible for anyone to fully comprehend unless you make it your life's work (ie. become a lawyer).  Our processes are so inundated with rules and procedures that people like this woman get screwed even if the case ends up getting dismissed.

I side with Ted on the notion that the American legal system has become a racket.  The legal system is regulated by lawyers, so is it any wonder that it's inefficiencies are insanely profitable to them?  I mean sure, lawyers have to eat and be able to pay back their huge student loan debt, but should it be done on the backs of people like this woman just because her kids are ungrateful?


Peter McCullough said...

What legal system? Let's try this one on for size. As a state certified baseball/softball umpire one can be sued if a player slides into a base and sustains injury IF at some point prior to the injury the umpire touched that base let's say with his foot in order to straighten out the base. By touching the base,legally he has certified that the base is safe and therefore is liable if the base proves unsafe,E.g. an injury to a sliding base runner.
Shakespeare's quote from Henry VI, part two,"First thing we do,let's kill all the lawyers",says it best.

Silverfiddle said...

The politicians have screwed up government, the bankers have screwed up banking, and the lawyers have screwed up the law.

So much for leaving it to "the experts."

Peter McCullough said...

politicians, bankers, and lawyers would all screw a snake if they could get under its belly...