Friday, September 16, 2011

When will they get the point?

Initiation in the House is getting a little bit out
of hand these days . . .
So during the midterm elections, the Republican Party put quite a shalacking on the Democrats by gaining a good majority in the house.  Just the other day, 2 vacant seats, one of which long held by Democrats, were filled with Republicans.  What will the Democrats say?

I'm sure they'll say that this is all meaningless, that the American people still believe in whatever horseshit the Democrats have been shovelling.

What makes me mad is how much politicians love to pretend like the popular will means nothing.  The Republicans could have a 400 person majority in the House and Democrats would still say "well, it's just because all the Progressives didn't get out to vote . . ."

The course the Republicans took us on from 2000-2008 was clearly a bad course.  The course the Democrats have led us on in the last 3ish years has been pretty bad, too.  So how about we take a cue from that and come up with a different plan?


Jersey McJones said...

Republican voters aren't any brighter then Democratic voters, and the shit their pols shovel smells just the same.

But that's irrelevent. Where your logic really fails in that you assume that Obama has made things much worse. He hasn't.

The giant shit snowball was first rolled down that long shitty hill by a GOP one-party state in the 2000's. Everything that's happened from then comes from then. Anyone who argues otherwise is a liar, crazy, or uninformed.

That stupid "stimulus" rhetoric cons cackle about, was actually just aid to states for unemployment and all the other short-falls opened by the Great Fucking Recession and and the Mortgage Meltdown - BOTH OF WHICH WAS A PRODUCT OF THE GOP ONE-PARTY STATE YEARS.

What we have today? Keynesian? Socialist? European? Liberal???

Fucking Hell Man, it's more conservative today than Ronald Friggin' Reagan!!!

It's a fucking disaster.

There is, of course, a better way - lots of better ways - but the American people are so fucking stupid, they just rely on the bichromatic narratives from the popular politics and media.


Harrison said...

The spin is the same in sales... you have a lot of widgets because you sell a lot (in reality nobody buys them) or you have none because you can't order enough (you didn't make enough).

Either way you're getting put together.

Silverfiddle said...

... And then Jersey shows up and proves your point.

The delusion on the left is amazing and funny and sad all at the same time.

Jersey McJones said...


Please expound. How do I prove his point? I wasn't even on his point. I was critiquing a logic he was applying.

He's right, the parties ALWAYS spin losses just as they spin wins. They spin everything. Yeah. Duh. Whatever.

Where I argue with him is with the notion that somehow "Democrats" are just fooling idiots any more or less than Republicans are fooling their own little bunny-eyed flock.


Silverfiddle said...

That's right Jersey. Keep whistling past the graveyard. There's nothing wrong... Obama is wonderful...

The recession is over...

Tune in to Western Hero on Monday. Jack's excellent post and your response proving his point will figure prominently.

Jack Camwell said...

My point was that no one is fooling anyone. Both sides don't want to believe that they're in the minority of public opinion.

Since representatives are up for reelection every 2 years, they are a fairly good measure of what the public feels. Of course it's not as simplistic as that, but people have written entire books on this subject. I'm just trying to condense and convey one point about the larger picture.

If this article was inadequate, I'm sincerely sorry.

Silverfiddle said...

Your article was not inadequate, Jack. It was concise and on-target.

Jersey providing an illustrative object example really helped it along...

Like I said, tune in tomorrow. You've sparked my Monday blog post. You won't agree with where I ended up going, but that's OK. Debate is the spice of Blogistani life.

Jack Camwell said...

Thanks for the compliments Silver. I look forward to your post tomorrow.

Reasoned debate seems to be a bit of a rare commodity these days, so I'm always glad when it shows up at your place =)