Monday, October 31, 2011

Check me on Yahoo! Contributor Whathaveyou

So in an attempt to gain more readers and notoriety, I've started to submit shit to the Yahoo! contributor network.  I don't really care about how prestigious it is or whatever, and I didn't even realize that they pay you to do it till I had already submitted something, but it's whatevs.

So, check me out and give me some link love!  It's more akin to the type of stuff I write on Political Realities (ie. it doesn't sound like a sailor wrote it), but I still try to inject my biting commentary wherever I can.


"Why Don't We Blame the Kids?"


Anonymous said...

I cant speak as a parent, at least not yet. But you know what the more of this garbage i see, the easier it will be to become that family that "dosent have a tv". or at the very least, not have cable.

This kind of ties into your whole "DVR is evil" thing though, but just the opposite.

If i have the ability to screen the stuff my kid watches and have it sit on the DVR, but not give them access to "live" tv i would do that.

anywho, some kids, i absolutely agree dont give 2 shits, and wont give 2 shits REGARDLESS of what happens. But if the parents use the TV as a babysitter, and they are just seeing all of this reality tv garbage... what else are they to think?

When we were growing up, all of this bullshit was around us. But the ability of media to attack you at everymoemnt was not. Back when we were in middle/highschool your phone was at home. the internet was AOL and other than a lan party, you werent really able to get ahold of a lot of media all at once.

so meh, theres my


Harrison said...

I have joined there too. Cool beans.