Sunday, October 9, 2011

Deep Questions for a Beautiful Sunday

I'm not going to provide commentary today, so instead I'm just going to ask some important questions that everyone should ask themselves and contemplate.

1.  Is the universe truly infinite?  If so, then how can that actually be?  If not, then what lies beyond our universe?

2.  How significant is life on Earth knowing that we are a microscopic spec in the grand scheme of all existence?

3.  If there was an alien civilization, would that shake your faith in the existence of God?

4.  How moral can we be in such an immoral world?


Bump's Stump said...

Relax my friend. These four questions have a glorious past. Experts, wizards, and esteemed theologians have asked them for years - without hearing even an echo back. So have a beer and ask again manana. Bump

Anonymous said...


1. No, for reasons I have explained to you before sir. There is no way of knowing what if anything lies "beyond" the universe since it is constantly getting larger. (Large and Larger even on cosmic terms is a far cry from infinite I might add)

2. The significance of life on Earth in Human terms is pretty much right at the top of significance, but given the expanse of the universe and what little we know about life its probably a safe assumption that literally hundreds of advanced civilizations have destroyed themselves before they got a chance to explore said cosmos... I would say in the grand scheme we are the new kid in town.

3. Shake what faith? There either is or isn't. Sorry for the agnostic response.

4. We can be moral to the degree to know what is good for us as a whole and what is bad. The goal should be on an individual level to enjoy life as much as possible while trying to improve the collective experience for all of us.

As humans we are flawed... but knowing that and accepting it, expecting to make mistakes along the way these errors are not beyond some measure of control, its up to each person how much they are willing to work towards being aware of the human flaw.

BTW answer your phone.

Silverfiddle said...

If the universe is infinite, then nothing lies beyond it.

We are insignificant. Get over it, progressives

I cannot know the mind of God, so no.

#4 is a muddled question. The world is neither moral or immoral. Those terms apply to people, and we are flawed.

Jersey McJones said...

Jack, the questions you ask are the reason for existence. We don't have to accept that there are things we can't know, but we certainly must admit that there are things we don't know.

Answer your phone. Someone else around here seems pretty bright.


Harrison said...

Where's Jack Handy.

God created aliens!

Jack Camwell said...

Jersey, I know that particular anon IRL. He was trying to get a hold of me, but I'm terrible about answering my phone, lol.