Monday, October 3, 2011

Dumbass Idea of the Week

Question: What do you do if you're a chick with huge tits and a shit ton of money to blow?  You take out an insurance policy on your fake tits.

Some chick that I don't think I've ever even heard of, Holly Madison, insured her breasts for $1 million.  There are AIDS babies dying in Africa, and children starving all over the planet, but thank fucking GOD that Holly Madison will get $1 million should her breasts ever suffer a horrendous accident.


Jersey McJones said...

Maybe she needed liability insurance in case her nipples blinded someone?


Silverfiddle said...

Ha Ha! Good one Jersey! A guy could get his eyes poked out if you're too close and she suddenly turns around!

Harrison said...

She'll make money because it cost less than $1 million to make them!

D Charles QC said...

I read this one out to my wife who asked the question, insured against what, a puncture?

As a lawyer I guess I would say it was against a fault which in that case is an insult to the manufacturer and surgeon and that she publically announced such an insurance is in fact a form of defamation (raising public doubt).

My personal question is that since her boobs are part of her business and she was a part of the "playboy bunny" community, and she values them so much, why can I not find a nice image of them on google?

Jack Camwell said...

Because you don't want your wife getting mad at you?

D Charles QC said...

I am an old man now, my wife knows what I am "not" capabable of, so she lets me dream........

Yes sympathies are welcome!

PMc said...

You guys are so impractical. Remember Anne Wells, the well(no pun intended) endowed character in the movien "Valley Of The Dolls?" She wasn't insured and had to OD rather than face her lover sans boobies.

Anonymous said...

Better to have a hysterectomy
Than a bilateral mastectomy.

The guys will act more fiercely feral
After you've been rendered sterile,

But passes will not come in ripples
If you lose your tits 'n nipples.

Bosoms plump and oozing milk
Best please the horny bastards ilk.

~ FreeThinke

D Charles QC said...

Awesome freethinkie, who is the author, you?