Friday, October 7, 2011

In a shocking turn of events, the Westboro Baptists still suck

Always a classic.
Steve Jobs died yesterday, or the day before or something, and that's pretty sad.  I sort of hated what he represented and all, being a PC elitist myself, but pancreatic cancer is a fairly shitty way to go.  I might have harsh words for the man and what I viewed as a symbol of the dumbing down of society, but there's one thing I'd never do: protest his fucking funeral.

The Westboro Baptists, arguably some of the most vile human beings on the planet, are planning on protesting Steve Jobs' funeral because
"He had a huge platform; gave God no glory & taught sin . . ."
Fucking seriously?  The best part about that is that the stupid bitch tweeted that from her iPhone.  I'm seriously wondering if that was like, I dunno, purposely supposed to be ironic or something, or if she really is that retarded.  My guess is that she's just retarded.

I don't really understand what the point is other than those cock suckers are just trying to get more attention.  I hate using the trite phrase "what would Jesus do," but fucking seriously, would Jesus have condoned some shit like this?  How is preying on the misery and pain of other people giving glory to God?  Someone please explain to me how these sort of actions are in any way, shape, or form indicative of a good Christian who truly believes in the idea of love and compassion.

Oh, but I guess the whole golden rule thing is just a crock of horseshit.  So really, what they're saying is that they would love for their own funerals to be desecrated so that someone can promote some sort of religious or political agenda.  Because that's what funerals are for, right?  They're not for the grieving families to say their last good-byes to a loved one.  Apparently, a funeral is just another forum where some hatemongering asshats can spread their feces.

I get that we have to protect free speech, but that also means that I'm free to say that they are a bunch of fuck heads who haven't got even a shred of human decency left in them.  If I came across any of them on the street and they were on fire, I wouldn't even piss on them to put them out.

"Well, that's not very Christian-like either Jack."  No shit, Sherlock.  The difference is that you don't see me running around telling everyone how great a person I am for being Christian.  Sure, I'm a bad Christian.  I might be a shit head, but at least I can admit that instead of pretending to be some self-righteous dick face who thinks he's "saved," and thus have a license to do whatever I please.

I have a feeling that in the old days, ca. 1,500 BC, these media whores of Babylon would have been stoned for shitting allover the memory of the dead and the sentiments of the bereaved.  Agape?  Caritas?  Love?  I'm not convinced any of these fuck heads have heard any of those words before.


Jersey McJones said...

The weirdest thing about those Westboro loonies is that Jesus never once even mentioned homosexuality as far as I can recall!


Jack Camwell said...

Good call Jersey. Most of them will cite a verse from Leviticus to "prove" that homosexuality is morally wrong.

What they seem to ignore is the fact that the book of Leviticus also condones slavery.

Go figure.

D Charles QC said...

Yes freedom of speech and expression is for my part a human right and is a part of why we can call ourselves civilized. Having said that, collective hate is not freedom of speech. Be it the animals from Westbro, Geert Wilders in The Netherlands or the British National Party here in the UK - it does not fall under under that freedom and simply put, should be a punishable offence.

My two bits.

A last comment, personally I do not consider the freaks from Westbro to be actually Christians and put them in the same category of "closer-to-animal-than-human" as Hamas except thankfully they have no guns (that we know of).

Karen Howes said...

Oh, those repulsive media whores? They hate EVERYONE-- the only exception being themselves. They consist almost entirely of disbarred lawyer Fred Phelps and his extended family. The females look like the Manson girls.

The Westboro biggots were picketing a 9/11 tribute last month-- blogger Kathy Shaidle was there, and when they walked past her, she tripped one of them-- said it felt fabulous. :-)

Anonymous said...

Ahh yes Jackie... while I did not worship upon the altar of the cult that was Steve Jobs, I still somewhat respect the man for his contribution to the engine of humanity. I can look past the fact that he was basically a ruthless egotistical maniac when you consider he has sparked a lot of good by being himself.

Steve Jobs led a religion in a sense, every diehard "machead" I've ever met is super quick to get over on the many drawbacks of PC.... but never the advantages of Apple! The Apple "advantage" is only skin deep at best, because you had to buy a machine they made their way, and pay through the nose to eat their "burger king" having very little choice in the matter.

The protesters are just upset because Apple is a religion that pulls off a better con than theirs.

Anyone who really does this "protesting" on behalf of "god" is unworthy of being treated as a human being and should be treated more like a wart on the ass of progress. I am all for people's freedom of religion and speech, however when they encroach on the happiness and well-being of someone they should not have the expectation of that freedom of expression... in other words protest at your own risk. It says nowhere in the constitution or any other piece of legislation or any bible that "you have the right to be an asshole about everything"

Anonymous said...

The best way to handle "attention whores" is to take no notice of them whatsoever.

Unfortunately it's much easier to rail against things we dislike than to affirm anything that has merit or praise anyone for the genuine accomplishments he or she has made.

I keep noticing a dismal phenomenon particularly on the net -- an eagerness to turn virtually any subject that arises into a war of one kind or another.

It works this way: Someone praises Mozart and IMMEDIATELY someone else asks in a pugnacious tone, "So what the hell's wrong with BEETHOVEN, fuckface?

Neither the merits of Mozart OR Beethoven receive attention in the exchange of insults and howling expressions of rage and contempt that invariably follow. Thus a chat room established ostensibly for the purpose of discussing the glories of classical music becomes the setting for the moral equivalent of a barroom brawl.

What good does it do to resort first and foremost to the expression of anger, derision, insult and hatred?

A highly successful individual with a rare degree of intelligence and creative energy died of CANCER while still in the prime of life. I, personally, never liked his looks -- there was a sharp-nosed, thin-lipped, narrow-eyed aura of meanness and ruthlessness in the conformation of his features -- a look that struck me as almost demonic. So what? Mozart was never a credible candidate for a beauty contest either.

The poor guy couldn't help the way his facial features were arranged, could he? And even if he could, that takes nothing away from the fact of his unique genius and the life-transforming contributions he gave to the world.

I don't envy him his success. I admire it. I don't denigrate his achievements; I enjoy using some of them every day.

I love Mozart. I also love Beethoven.

I don't dwell on my having found Mr. Jobs a personally unattractive figure, instead I focus my negative feelings on the cancer that killed him -- where they properly belong.

What IS this tendency so many have to want to believe that unique forces for good must somehow be competitive and work to cancel each other out? That's perverse -- and far more demonic than the sharp, angular features and narrow-eyed aspect of the late Mr. Jobs.

~ FreeThinke

D Charles QC said...


Awesome comment, could not have expressed it more clearly myself.