Friday, October 7, 2011

New Poll: Who are you voting for?

Vote it up, fools!  The poll is on the right-hand side.  The candidates are not listed in any particular order.


Harrison said...

Herman Cain!

Here's why:

Jersey McJones said...

Harrison and Jack, read this:

Great catch, Harrison!

I don't think this makes for a Cain endorsement, Harrison, but it does show that he has some amazing patience, and that the liberal press shouldn't be so dismissive of him.



I didn't vote here because you know I'm not much for the GOP these days, but I'll say this from a liberal progressive point of view:

Cain seems almost hyper-rational, almost cold. He commits to his positions in such a way that it is hard to imagine how he could negotiate with a hyper-political congress. Rationality and politics are not current bedfellows. That's my biggest knock on him, but it's enough for me to prefer Obama, who seems to balance rationality and politics pretty well.

Ron Paul would be quite the interesting president, but I seriously doubt his presidency would look much like most of his supporters would imagine. Paul is not nearly as unrealistic as most observers believe. Contrary to the hopes of his fans, Paul would not do away with the welfare state until we fully were done with "Free Trade" (a misnomer if ever there was) and a host of other reins and drains on the American economy. And since that won't happen, Paul would be a steward, and that's about it. We have that now, so what's the choice?

Perry? Perry could be anything from the next LBJ to the next GWB. No thank you. (Personally, I think he's the personification of male adolescence.)

Mitt Romney is a modern American uber-capitalist, so... if you're into that, he's you're guy. Not mine.

Bachmann is a lunatic and anyone who can't see that needs help.

Newt Gingrich is an interesting character. I think a Gingrich presidency would be catastrophic, however, because unlike with a Paul or a Cain, I can't see Gingrich standing up to congress. One simple rule: never let congress run amok.

Rick Santorum is a puerile, puritanical purist. It's like he really believes it. I do not want an f'n ideologue to be President of the f'n United States of America. I want someone rounded and smart... and realistic.


D Charles QC said...

I am neither American nor living there but IF I was it would be a reluctant tick for Mitt Romney.

Why? It was out of a process of elimnation and that bodes badly for the GOP that the candidates are simply so bad.

Herman Cain

He is a popularist and a bigot. Popularism simply does not work above that of a community representative and is dangerous at a national level. His obvious bigotry against Muslims was clear and if you look at you will see his level of saying things factual is poor.

Ron Paul

A good libertarian, smart but prone to gaffs. He is not perceived as handling his age which I believe people in the US are afraid of.

Rick Perry

Has the charisma but is clearly leaning to the far-right and on the door of popularism. He would make a good VP to Romney though.

Mitt Romney

Has changed his mind a few times but is the most middle of the road. It is my belief that centrist candidates do both better in elections and in end results, as he can be seen to respond to the Democratic half of the nation and be a leader, not a GOP President. He has made a few gaffs and has not garnered support of the far-right within the GOP, if he cannot do that he will not win (none will) or at worst will show he cannot command Congress at all.

Michele Bachmann

Popularist, far-right, gaff-ridden wannabe-Sarah-Palin and serves only a segement (albeit noisy) element of the GOP. A disaster in making if given any power.

Newt Gingrich

Tarnished ex Congress head, has strong friends and good experience but alas is still tarnished and cannot be touched as he will only build scandal upon scandal. Without the tarnish, a "perfect" VP.

Rick Santorum

The wrong-end of staunch Catholicism (I am on the other end so I am baised as can be). Though a great Congress manipulator and party-intriguer, he has not the national profile sufficient to win. Needs to tone down his commitement to ultra-conservative Catholicism and get another eight years of working hard as a Congressional leading figure and he could make it.

To be honest, Obama will only defeat himself, not the other way around with the list. No candidate qualifies as a potential "Statesman" with Romney being the only one looking like he can manage to sway the vote if Obama screws it up. Perry has the visual image but would be a mistake for your country.

My two "pennies" worth.... well seven, actually.

Anonymous said...

All are hopelessly flawed. Better to stick with Obama and let him finish the job of throughly and forever discrediting himself.

Once Obama has done his worst, the country will finally be ready for a figure like the late great Barry Goldwater, who SHOULD have become our president fifty years ago.

Goldwater -- unlike anyone since with the possible exception of Mr. Reagan -- really knew which end was up. We took a tragic wrong turn when we elected Jugears, instead.

Let Obama destroy the Democratic Party. Don't interfere. He's doing a marvelous job completely on his own.

~ FreeThinke

Harrison said...

Cain bows to nobody!

Silverfiddle said...

Sir Charles:

Thanks for the laugh. Always amusing to hear out cousins from across the pond comment on our domestic politics.

It's like watching a dog try to walk on his hind legs. Amusing, but not very effective.

D Charles QC said...


i would almost agree with you except for two simple facts.

The right of everyone to have an opinion and regardless if you like it - that is what the rest of the world often thinks about your politics. Images and first impressions often stick.....

Jack Camwell said...

Excellent analyses from everyone. I raelly enjoyed reading your opinions on these.

In the primaries I'd vote for Ron Paul, but I believe that Romney has the best chance of winning the general election.

I agree that Herman Cain is a bigot.

Silverfiddle said...

Sir Charles,

I did not question your right to express your opinion.

You and Barack Hussein, bravely battling the strawmen...