Thursday, October 20, 2011

October 20, 2011: Gadhafi Dead

"Somehow I knew this would end poorly."

It's been confirmed by officials that the crazy former dictator of Libya, Moamar Gadhafi, is dead.  Although it's probably a good thing that he's no longer around, it's a little disappointing that we don't have anyone else to wear ridiculous ensembles to meetings with world leaders.

Maybe now the people of Libya who had to endure over 40 years of his maniacal opression can rest a little easier knowing that he's parted from this mortal coil.


ecc102 said...

Wait. I thought Michael Jackson was already dead. You mean that isn't Michael Jackson? Oh. Well, how about a really freaky looking transgendered woman?

You mean that was Gaddafi? Wow.

Best thing to happen to him is getting killed. Could you imagine all the laughing going on behind his back due to is appearance? he probably cried himself to sleep every night.

Jack Camwell said...

Thanks for visiting, ecc102.

From what I read he was holding a golden pistol when he was found.

I'm sure people wanted to laugh at him, but they were probably afraid of the consequences. Now they can laugh freely.


Harrison said...

Who gets the hot bodyguards?