Thursday, October 27, 2011

Why Do We Embrace Transgender Shit?

Sometimes life just takes a shit on us.  Other
times it's a pigeon.  Either way, we've just got
to deal with it.
By now, my cohorts and readers should have the impression that I'm a fairly open-minded guy.  Yes, I can be strong willed, but I always take into consideration the things that people say.  Hell, I've even admitted that I'm wrong in some cases (usually when it comes to economics, because I hate the subject, and my knowledge of it is woefully inadequate).

So when I say that it's incredibly retarded that we as a society are doing too much to accommodate transgendered people, I hope that you realize I'm not speaking from a position of fear, ignorance, or bigotry.

Here's the thing: I'm empathetic to their plight.  I have no idea what it's like to feel like I should have a vagina instead of a penis, or to think that nature, God, or whatever somehow made a mistake in making me a man, but I can understand that it must suck pretty hard core to feel that way and not be able to help it.  But really, isn't this just a mental disorder?

Think about it.  You're a dude, but you think that "inside," you're a woman, or that you were somehow supposed to be a woman.  Isn't that fairly fucking delusional?  What if I thought, deep down inside, that I'm actually a penguin, and that God and nature mistakenly made me a human being?  What if, deep down inside, I thought that I'm a math genius even though I suck hard core ass at math?  Wouldn't you think I'm delusional?

I could never be a penguin, and I can never be a math genius, but as long as that's what I feel on the inside, that's what I am, or so at least that seems to be the idea du jour for society right now.  I read an article today about how a boy wants to join the girl scouts.  When the den mother, or whatever the fuck they call it, told the boy's mother "no," mom responded with "well I don't see what the big deal is."

. . .

Oh I don't know, maybe it's because he's a boy.  I guess he's considered transgender or whatever, because he wants to be a girl, but so fucking what?  He's not a girl.  No matter how hard I try--I can get a bunch of cosmetic operations to look like a penguin, I can go live in the arctic and huddle with them and shit--I can never be a penguin.  Similarly, he can get all the operations he wants, and do however much hormone therapy or whatever to his heart's content, he will never, ever be a girl.

Why?  Well, if for whatever reason it needed to be determined beyond a shadow of a doubt whether he's a male or female, then a DNA test would show that he's a male.  Forever.  You can't change your DNA.  It's not what parts you have, what clothes you wear, or who you fuck and how that determines what you are.  It's your DNA.  Pretending to be the opposite sex is nothing more than pretending.

"Well Jack, sex is different than gender."  Sure it is.  You can be the most feminine dude on the planet.  You can get your dick chopped off, get a brand spanking new vagina, a nice pair of tits, and all the estrogen you want coursing through your veins, but at the end of the day it's just an extremely expensive game of dress-up.

And society wants to accommodate this.  Instead of telling them, "you're confused, and you've got a real mental disorder," we cater to their fucked up brain shit.  Mind you, the same *cannot* be said for being gay.  If you're attracted to the same sex, that is real.  It might go against our biology, but then again so does monogamy.  Believing that you should be the opposite sex, or that somehow you are the opposite sex inside (whatever the fuck that even means) is delusional, because you can never be anything other than what you are.

It might suck, but you simply cannot be whatever you want to be.  We have to play the hand we're dealt, and instead of allowing children to indulge in the disorder, we should help them cope with it.  That mom might feel great that her little boy can go be a girl scout, but that little boy is going to face a lifetime of ridicule for it.  Is it really worth it?


Harrison said...

"I have no idea what it's like to feel like I should have a vagina instead of a penis"

I'd take a vagina over a penis any day of the week, Jack. You disagree?

A boy wants to join the girl scouts?

That is f'd up. No way that should happen. Maybe the kid is gay or likes fashion (the same?) but you're right, things are the way they are and he shouldn't be allowed to join.

I wonder how much of this is the mother's idea.

Jack Camwell said...

"I wonder how much of this is the mother's idea."

You raise an interesting point. That's another thing that's really hard for me to understand. Being a parent, I think it's natural to want my kids to be normal.

I hope that neither of them ever feel like they're the wrong gender, and that they grow up to be heterosexual, get married, produce grandbabies, and be happy. I don't want them to feel like they're out of place or "deviant."

So it's hard for me to imagine that any parent would WANT an abnormal life for their kids or try to push it on them.

Seeing as how the mother said "I don't know what the big deal is" or whatever, my guess is that's she was either being a smart ass or she's actually a moron. Either way, my guess is that she's not pushing this on her kid.

The likely scenario is that the boy told her he wants to join the girl scouts, and she's trying to be supportive or whatever and trying to get him in.

I was going to link your articles on gender confusion and what not, but admittedly I got lazy and didn't want to look.

Anyway, she probably just wants her kid to be happy, and is trying to just deal with it as best as she can. I don't really know what I'd do in that situation, but fortunately both of my children seem to not be confused about who they are (my daughter, 3, got mad at me the other day because I didn't give her "little girl socks." Sigh).

Karen Howes said...

Completely agreed, Jack (why is it that we only ever seem to disagree on MY blog :p)

Your sex is a matter of biology. I have two X chromosomes; therefore, I'm female. I cannot do anything to change this. No hormones can actually make me male. By the same token, a dude having his manhood cut off does not become female.

I mean, if someone thinks he's Napoleon, we recognize that he is either looking for attention or mentally ill, and get him help. We do not give him breeeches and a bicorn hat and insist that he be addressed as "Emperor."

To go along with insanity is... insane.

Jack Camwell said...

Perhaps my views are more agreeable? XD

Yes, it's like if we as a society were to collectively decide to indulge the fantasies and whims of schizophrenics so they don't have to feel bad about being crazy.

Harrison said...

Some parents like to use their kids to fight battles on their behalf. Maybe this is the case here?

Harrison said...

Silverfiddle said...

That mom has an agenda. Sending a boy to school in a dress?

What if the kid wanted to wear shorts and a t shirt when it was 20 degrees outside? Would she let him?

I too have sympathy for confused people, but everybody else in the world doesn't have to accommodate you. It just don't work that way...

Jack Camwell said...

True dat Silver.

What's maddening about this whole thing is the mentaility these people have. "If he's living his life as a girl, and if he and his mother identify himself as a girl, then we'll take him."

BUT HE'S NOT A FUCKING GIRL. I'm going to start living my life as a Russian. I'm going to speak Russian, dress it, eat the same food, and identify myself as a Russian. Then I'm going to get everyone I know to identify me as a Russian.

I'd be a Russian then, right? I would love to pose that scenario to those people. You know their first reaction would be "no, you weren't born in Russia, nor are your parents Russian . . ." but they'd never say that. Because then they'd have to say "well, he wasn't born a girl . . ."