Thursday, November 3, 2011

Americans Are So Civilized

A few days ago, maybe a week or so, I posted an article saying that deep down, Americans are just as bad as any group of people that we call "savages."  I met some stiff opposition to that argument, and I claimed that if Americans were put in the same sort of horrifying situation as the Libyans, the Americans would behave in the same barbaric manner.

Well, it seems that I have some evidence to support my claim.  From Reuters:
U.S. Army sergeant accused of murdering three unarmed Afghan civilians casually shot one victim "with a smile on his face," then pulled a tooth from the dead man's mouth, a fellow soldier testified on Wednesday.

The chilling account followed testimony from several other ex-peers of Staff Sergeant Calvin Gibbs who recalled that he referred to Afghan villagers as "savages" and once told another soldier, "the Army needs more people who can kill people."
I thought this particularly prescient, given the fact that he used the particular term "savages," when describing his victims.  What's funny about this is that this is even more horrifying than what the Libyans did to Gadhafi.  Why, you ask?  Because these soldiers didn't even have a reason for murdering these people in cold blood.  They were innocent, and Gibbs' accuser, who has been convicted for being a part of the murders, had been caught on tape going off on a racial rant about the Afghans.

These assclowns mudered these people in cold blood.  They took photographs with their corpses.  They removed some of their teeth, likely as souvinirs.  They had no provocation or cause for killing them, let alone to desecrate their corpses.  They murdered these people out of pure sociopathic hatred.

These are supposed to be our so called "civilized" people.  Where was the rule of law when they deemed that those people deserved to die?  "Well, this is an isolated incident Jack."  Bullshit it is.  Shit like that went on in Vietnam.  God only knows how many more cases of this have occurred in the last 10 years since we invaded Afghanistan and Iraq.  How the hell can we call ourselves civilized when we as a society still collectively agree that war is a viable option to solve problems?

And just to clarify, this is in *no way* meant to be a justification for what the Libyans did to Gadhafi.  I simply think that it's fairly ridiculous that we in our ivory towers pass value judgments on other peoples, calling them savages, when we need to look no further than to our own people to witness the same inhumane savagery.


KP said...

I lean towards guys like Calvin Gibbs as being evil. If Gibbs were back here in America he might being committing murders. There are insane assclowns and murders spread throughout the world. Take Joshua Komisarjevsky and Steven Hayes in Conn as examples.

Harrison said...

The great thing is out of the tens of thousands of U.S. troops in Afghanistan there is one guy who did this, he was caught and prosecuted.

There are bad apples in every bunch however my earlier point (which seemed to have been missed) was that while you might find a onesy or twosy in the U.S. military virtually the entire command structure, political leadership, and Libyan troops on the ground were like this guy.

Were the U.S. really like this guy not only would this be happening everywhere but their bosses would be in on it to, and their bosses, etc.

Silverfiddle said...

Man is the most dangerous animal, hence the need for moral structures and society.

Saying this group of people is "just as bad" or whatever really isn't saying anything. Scratch the surface and we're all animals underneath.

What distinguishes one group from another is their systems of morality and the societies they set up. And even then, trying to compare is not always easy, since different cultures have different norms.

Jersey McJones said...

Americans are among the world's most violent people. It's a part of our culture. We are ancestors of the poor, huddled, masses, after all. And remember this about "civilization" - the more "civilized" the people, the more horrific their violence can be. A simple tribesman can stick you with a spear. A "civilized" nation can wipe out your entire world with the touch of a button.


D Charles QC said...

I am in agreement with Silver on this one. When the system of rules and standards is faulty, non-existant or absent - what do we see?

The police were outnumbered and people from all walks of life looted, torched and more over here in Britain. Sure, our education, parents, social groups and quality of government all have factors in training into a society to improve itself - but the very base level of our being often shines darker.

That is why we come back to the same question each time - what is the purpose of life? For those of us of faith we will say that it is simply to better ourselves and that God gives us all a chance to prove it.

A few weeks ago I became a grandfather for the third time and when you hold a day-old little girl in your hands, you can feel proud, enlightened and also afraid. Afraid of the future, the seven billion mark and what a world she will see.

Harrison said...

I do not think Americans are more barbaric. Were that the case with all the guns in the country why would the murder rate be decreasing each year even as more people can legally carry?

Not buying it at all.

KP said...

Silver's commnents reminded me the novel Lord of the Flies.