Wednesday, November 9, 2011

As Promised: The Many Faces of Vladimir Putin

Putin the dog whisperer

Vladimir Putin: Man Hunter

Putin's glamor shot

Pensive Putin

Putin goes Fishing

Putin goes extreme fishing

Dr. Putin

Last, but not least:
Judo Master Putin 


Silverfiddle said...

From what I understand of him, he really is a tough guy, and not just a poser.

I gave Prince Charles and Jersey crap yesterday for wetting themselves in admiration over the strong man, but they did have a point in that different societies have their own preference for government and leadership types.

Russia has a deep strain of insularity, insecurity and suspicion of outsiders. Putin seems to the ideal man to run the place. I don't live there so who am I to complain?

Jack Camwell said...

I don't think he's a poser either. I just think that it's freaking hilarious, lol.

D Charles QC said...

I admire Putin's capacity to keep control and do it well, that is all.

Having said that, we should post a set of photos called the "red noses of tipsy Yeltsin" and believe you me, it place Putin in a much more postitive light.

sharon smith said...

I'm glad I fed my curiosity. Very nice!

Jack Camwell said...

I'm glad you did, too, Sharon. Thanks for stopping by =)

KP said...

Like Silver said, Putin is Chuck Norris x 10 and in a dark way.

Having said that, he is entertaining with the pictures! The one I saw of him shirtless on horse made me look away :-)

Keep 'em coming, Jack!

Harrison said...

Tomorrow I will have the Putin w/puppy photo. Your article on him the other day inspired me.

edgeofthesandbox said...

IIRC, there is a picture of Putin with a tiger that he shot in some zoo because the tiger was attacking a zoo employee. Curiously, the picture was taken in 2008 shortly after Palin was announced as McCain's veep, and pictures of Palin hunting were published in the American media. So she got under Putin's skin too.

Anonymous said...

Number one man in the planet!!!
Number one President!!!
Anyone who disagrees is just jealous!!!

contrary mary said...

Putin - doth he protest too much?

Pope Francis appears more accepting / liberal unlike Russia’s Anti-Gay Vigilantes and law's.

Paedophilia / sexual abuse is to do with 'power and control' not homosexuality.

Just love your pose Putin, when fishing, and with a horse in 2007. Were you inspired by the beautiful film Brokeback Mountain?

Jack Camwell said...

Thank you for visiting Mary.

Anyone who uses "doth" in their speech is pretty okay in my book.