Monday, November 7, 2011

Dumbass idea of the Week

Vladimir Putin is a weird guy.  He's not as weird as, say, Kim Jong Il, but he's still fucking odd for a world leader.  Last week he tried to claim some random kid as the "7 Billionth Person" in the world.  As the article mentions, it's nearly impossible to verify such a thing, and I could have sworn that everyone already considered some other random baby to be the 7 Billionth person or whatever.

So did he just not get the memo?  It's weird that he would do such a thing, like having 7 Billion People is a good thing on a world that's already strained on resources.

Better yet, he visited the mother and child, and he did so in a lab coat . . .

Why?  For some reason Putin seems like he enjoys looking like a giant oddball.  It's almost as if he's trying to give the perception that he's capable of doing anything and being anywhere.  He's like a Ken doll with all the different outfits for whatever you want him to be.  Need to be saved from a burning building?  Never fear, Putin-doll Fireman will save you!  Need a dangerous beast slayed?  Studly Tracker Putin will hunt it down.

Worried that the democratic process might start to work in post Cold War Russia, and that different people over time will weild power?  Perish the thought!  Subversive Usurper Putin is omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent all at once!  It's like having God as your president, prime minister, and then president again!  We've never seen such a cult of personality (or an attempt to create one) in Russia before!


Note:  For some reason I can't upload pictures here at work.  So on my lunch break today I'm going to make a quick post showing the many faces of Vladimir Putin.


Jersey McJones said...

Say what you will about Putin, but he is largely responsible for stabilizing Russia after the collapse of the USSR. You do remember how bad things were there for a while, right?

Yeah, we all wish Russia was a more democratic state, but that's going to take time. It's not like there's some simple toggle for totalitarian state/democratic state.


D Charles QC said...

The UN declared that all babies born on that particular date (the estimate when the 7 billion was crossed) was the 7th billion person.

Governments like that of Putin still have elements of the old socialist ways and thus making a deal out of small stuff like this is considered the "keeping the population happy" routine. Frankly speaking it is a two-edged falicy. For his part it is an assumption that the Russian people are stupid, but on the other side, it is like Western politicians kissing babies and thinking it makes them more acceptable.....

To a level I agree with jMJ above, Russia still requires a "strong-man" and to his credit he has served his country's interests well. Compare it to the drunken slob before him and he is a wonder to behold!

Silverfiddle said...

He's like a Ken doll with all the different outfits for whatever you want him to be.

That's a good one!

And then Jersey and Sir Charles step in with loving admiration for the strong man, a pernicious progressive tendency.

This one really cracks me up:

The UN declared that all babies born on that particular date (the estimate when the 7 billion was crossed) was the 7th billion person.

Only the International House of Rape, Corruption and Scandal could make such a logically absurd pronouncement with a straight face.

Harrison said...

The Russians were also the ones so embarrassed by their pathetic country that they built the Potemkin Village to impress Catherine the Great.

They've been doing stupid things ever since to impress people.

Jersey McJones said...

"And then Jersey and Sir Charles step in with loving admiration for the strong man, a pernicious progressive tendency."

Silver, it is NOT a progressive sentiment. I certainly don't think it is. I serious doubt Charles thinks so.

It's just a fact, man.

Jeez. Why do you always hunt for these obtuse assaults on progressives?

Russia became quite democratic after the Soviet Union fell, and the country fell into chaos. You do remember that, right?

Democracies are not born out of whole cloth. Russia had a long-entrenched bureaucracy, long before the Soviet Union. They have an entire history to consider here.

It is not some "progressive tendency" to prefer "strong-man" regimes. That's just stupid. Where do you even get that from?

Can't you see an observation of reality from ideological rhetoric?

C'mon man!


Silverfiddle said...

Right Jersey. Gotta make the trains run on time...

Jack Camwell said...

The idea that a country needs a strong man might be true, but it's a dangerous line of thought.

D Charles QC said...

A strong-man element is a sad fact of life and it was the foolishness of pretending that inserting democracies on politically imature nations that is still the biggest disaster that ever faced modern Africa.

It is a simple reality that nations without a history of building and maturing party-based politics fall into a corrupt or incompetant mess. Though we wish it was not the case, it is. It often takes a "strong-man" whom certainly benefits from autocratic control to keep stability and IF the country is lucky, help build institutions. Russia requires it and I would like Silver's opinion if he would have prefered Boris Yeltsin (in all his vodka soaked brovado) over Putin?

If anything I am pessimistic. Putin is doing the control and Russia is not falling in a heap economically. By the same token, Putin would be a disaster in any European state, except perhaps Italy whom has its' own colourful leader.

Reality is needed, that is my point and you can poke as much fun at Putin as you like, but he is the best they currently have, that I am sure.

Silverfiddle said...

Yeah, Jersey! If only Obama would tear his shirt off and go all bare-chested macho on those rethuglicans! Right?

I can agree with Sir Charles, OPS, OFM, that our idea of democracy is not for everybody. People of the Middle East have pretty much proven that they cannot handle freedom and must be dominated by a local Mussolini or Hitler.

edgeofthesandbox said...

This is so pathetic. Russians fancy themselves the smartest people on Earth (because they see conspiracies everywhere). If an American Presidential candidate of either party tried a trick like that, he'd be laughed out of the room.
I think white coats might be required of all hospital visitors in Russia.