Monday, November 21, 2011

Dumbass Idea of the Week

While the rest of the world talks about getting out of this financial crisis, while our boys and girls are dying in the sands and mountains of Afghanistan, and while Iran tries to make nuclear weapons, PETA still exists and and advocates for unimportant shit.

The target this time?  Super Mario 3D.  The problem?  Mario wears a racoon and bear suit.  PETA says that this sends a message that it's okay to wear fur.

First off, who really gives a shit?  Secondly, who really gives a shit?

This is not going to change people's minds if they enjoy wearing fur, and do we really think that people playing this game give two flying fucks what PETA has to say about it?  Perhaps this is a sign of PETA's growing irrelevance.  They can't get attention for anything else, so they resort to shitting allover a game concept that has existed for like 20 years.

Eat my ass PETA.


Silverfiddle said...

Did PETA purposely set out to become a self-parody?

Treating animals humanely is a worthy cause, not because the have rights, but because not treating them humanely degrades our humanity.

I guess if you view their actions as taking animal rights to the logical extreme, it makes sense. You wouldn't wear a human skin coat, right?

Jack Camwell said...

I often wonder the same thing. They probably think that they're being all righteous and fighting the good fight or whatever.

A agree whole heartedly with your second statement.

Jersey McJones said...

More important than PETA (to say the utmost least), China just announced a 1.7 trillion dollar state investment program - developing clean technologies, infrastructure, and communications.

Meanwhile, we're trifling over ideological bullshit.

Welcome to the Chinese Century, fellas.


Harrison said...

Didn't this game come out in like 1986?

D Charles QC said...

Does PETA want to ban images of Daniel Boon and Davey Crockett as well?

Silverfiddle said...

China is stupid enough to subsidize unproductive technologies. Hooray! Chinese money will make these technologies cheaper for America. This is an economic boon for us, and it's all paid for by China. How is that a bad thing?

If we can boot Obama and the economic Luddites out of office, this will be the American century, as we become the Saudi Arabia of gas and oil, and all without chopping off hands, mistreatment of women and religious bigotry.

You bet on China, Jersey, and I'll bet on America.