Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I Hate to Say It, but Ron Paul is Probably Doomed

In the primaries I will probably vote for Ron Paul, so I suppose you can consider that to be a "Ron Paul 2012," endorsement from ol' Jack Camwell (as if my endoresment is worth anything to anyone, anywhere).  Anyhow, that will likely be pleasing to a friend of mine who reads and comments here occasionally.

Why do I like Ron Paul?  Well, I can say that I'm not a big fan of his foreign policy, because I think it smacks of isolationism.  I mean, he might be right that we need to just leave everyone alone, but just because he's morally justified in that position doesn't mean it's the best course for America.  I'm of the opinion that no matter what we do, the world will hate us or shit on us for one reason or another.

That aside, I really dig his economics.  He's been beating the warning drum about inflation and artificial currency for years.  He thinks that there are way too many free-loaders on the welfare dole, and that welfare was designed to keep the poor perpetually impoverished.  He wants to make massive cuts to the government, many I agree with and some that I don't, and he's serious about making real changes to get our country back in the black and economically viable.

I also love his delivery and modus operandi.  He's a fierce debator.  If you've ever seen him conduct inquiries on guys like Ben Bernanke, you get the sense that not only does Ron Paul know exactly what the fuck he's talking about, but that he's also an absolute bulldog that will corner just about anyone into an uncomfortable position.  I love that tenacity, and I think he expresses quite succinctly what a majority of Americans on both sides are feeling.

I don't believe the crap that people fling claiming that he just wants to bone the poor and compeltely remove the safety net.  He wants to actually return it to being a safety net, rather than let it remain a lifelong crutch.  I have worked with and met way too many welfare lifers to disagree with his assessment and solution to the situation.

Despite the fact that I think Ron Paul is what this country needs, I'm all but certain that his campaign is completely doomed for several reasons.

First is his delivery.  For some reason, American society doesn't seem to like attack dogs in politics.  It's kind of annoying that we have this namby-pamby sentiment towards how our politicians should act, but the fact remains that people find him abrasive.  And to make matters worse, he's old, which makes him seem crotchey.  It also doesn't help that in recent years his age has really begun to show.  Americans don't elect crotchety old men for president.

Then there's the fact that he's constantly painted as part of the lunatic fringe.  Larry over at Political Realities mentioned this in his post the other day.  Ron Paul supporters are generally seen as wacked out anarchists who can't behave themselves.  People also say that his district is filled with a bunch of loons, which is why he keeps getting re-elected.  I also think it's a detriment that he's considered to be a Tea Party champion.

Ron Paul's core supporters.
I know, some of my readers might call themselves Tea Partiers, but you have to admit that although you think your cause is noble, and in some ways it might be, the Tea Party has been cast as a looney bin.  Can you really blame people, though?  The Tea Party latched on to idiots like Michele Bachmann, and a lot of them took guns to town hall meetings.  I know, I know, it's their Constitutional right, but seriously, taking a gun to a town hall meeting is a sure-fire way to brand yourself as a wacko.

So I think it's a bad thing that he's associated with the Tea Party.  Americans are looking for consensus and unity, and Paul represents the opposite of that.  I think his ideas are great, and they might be what the country needs right now, but I think we all know that he'll never get a chance.  They never ask him the right questions in the debates, and the party establishment treats him like a deformed step-child.

He's getting my vote in the primaries, but I'm being honest with myself in saying that he's probably not even going to come close to getting the nomination.


Jersey McJones said...

It really doesn't matter what voters think of Ron Paul. The political establishment will not let him get anywhere near the White House, and even if he did manage to get in (and physically survive), none of his proposals would get anywhere.

It's not that Paul's a rigid, all-or-nothing kind of guy, but he's made it clear that in order to move his domestic agenda he would have to change foreign trade and foreign military policy, and the Establishment (both parties, Wall Street, and the MIC) would NEVER stand for that.

So, you'd be electing essentially a moot president - even if he could get though the primaries, which he can not.


Silverfiddle said...

"I'm of the opinion that no matter what we do, the world will hate us or shit on us for one reason or another."

That is a piece of geopolitical reality that should be carved over the entry to the State Department.

I am completely against invading other countries, but I want an intelligence service that can play dirty tricks and keep an eye on what our enemies are up to. I get the impression Ron Paul does not, and that is naive.

I too love his economics and monetary policies.

Harrison said...

RP won't win. Definitely. I think his message about budgets is a good one, I disagree on his foreign policy and he seems so grumpy.

Jersey McJones said...

Silver and Jack,

"I'm of the opinion that no matter what we do, the world will hate us or shit on us for one reason or another."

If it doesn't matter, then why would we be stupid enough to bother to spend more on our military than the whole fucking rest of the world combined??? Explain that fucking logic to me.


Jack Camwell said...

Surely you see the logic of it all, right?

Large numbers of peoples hate us regardless of whether or not we meddle in their lives. They hate us because to them we represent decadence and evil. We're the Great Satan because we have and they have not. We're evil because we're democratic and because we're not Muslim (I realize that not all Muslims feel this way, but those who terrorize us do).

We're hated because we've got a bigger piece of the pie than everyone else. The reason that nations don't band together and rise up against us and invade our country is because we've got the most powerful military force the world has ever known.

And I'm not just stroking us off on that. It's true. As Machiavelli said, and I'm paraphrasing here, in a world full of wolves, the lambs get devoured.

It might be depressing, but all of us, even you, benefit from the fact that the United States of America can kill nearly anyone, anywhere, at any time with relatively minimal risk. We spend so much on the military because we want to stay on top.

Who wouldn't?

Jersey McJones said...

Jack, I worked in international trade for many years. I grew up in the NYC metro-area, and also in the Los Angeles area. I've known very well people from all over the world. This stupid, self-serving, narcissistic notion that "they hate us for our ____" has GOT TO GO. It's STUPID AND WRONG. Most people throughout the world don't have any problem with us at all. In fact, in their day to day lives, they COULD NOT POSSIBLY CARE LESS ABOUT US. It's IN YOUR MIND. It's NOT REAL.


Jack Camwell said...

If you think I was insinuating that everyone in the world hates us, or even cares, then you have grossly misinterpreted what I've said.

If no one in the world hated us for any reason, then we wouldn't be dealing with the whole terrorism thing, would we?

Hell, despite the fact that we freaking liberated them from a horrifying dictator, many Iraqis still hate us.

Have I just been imagining all the flag and effigy burnings?

bill said...

the newly 'liberated jeffersonian demoracies of tunisia, egypt and
libya aren't sending the 'copts
any roses either...b

Anonymous said...


My opinion on these matters has not really changed much over the past 14 years we have known each other.

My opinion still remains that we should not be involved directly in war unless we are attacked or heavily threatened of being attacked.

That being said, I am all for black ops and covert intelligence on the side to insure our dominance, but we have to treat those projects with proper care and make sure they are done as ethically and morally as possible.

As it stands right now, no nation could sustain true war with us for more than about a month, and many others would be defeated in the first week and others still would be defeated the first 72 hours. You know as well as I do, if the Atlantic Fleet was given the go ahead to turn Iran into a sheet of glass, it would be over in literally hours.

I still feel that while the events of 9/11 are tragic no matter who was responsible, they are by no means the catalyst that should have led to what we are doing and what we continue to do. The whole thing is a facade and blanket operation to blind the American people or to bankrupt us, I don't know which. I shudder to think what will happen in the future if real terror ever comes to this country, you know.. the sort of terror we are pressing upon other nations?

Ronnie Paul has it right in almost every way, this idea that people hate us because we are free is bogus, they hate us because we are screwing with them. BTW Both Sodamn Insane and Osama Spin Hoggin were both CIA assets. If you want to know who created the monsters you look no further than Langely, VA. or Washington DC.

KP said...

Anon said << I shudder to think what will happen in the future if real terror ever comes to this country, you know.. the sort of terror we are pressing upon other nations? >>

Thanks for making me think. The way you worded that lead me to try it on for size. It was a very scary thought. We are almost a science fiction movie where aliens attack earth to some of these third world countries.

republicanmother said...

Most people don't understand how money is flowing around the world and the true causes of aggression against the United States. I just finished a series on Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution. The short version is that a cartel of Wall Streeters paid for Communism, gave them diplomatic aid, money, supplies, and even funded some intense communist propaganda. This was never brought to light, and is probably still going on.

Ron Paul is the only candidate whom I could probably have a real conversation about the State Department records and wire transfers, etc. The man knows the score, people.

I realize that the entire world system is against him, but whenever I hear he can't win, I think of Hanoi Hannah's shrill Asian voice saying, "Give up GI Joe." IMO, he's the only adult in this race who's willing to actually take a machete and slash the arms off the octopus. Whether or not he succeeds is not the point, the conversation about doing so moves the ball down the ideological field. One thing is for sure, you can count on Ron Paul never, ever backing down.