Monday, December 19, 2011

Kim Jong-Il Dead

Crazy has a way of catching up to everyone, and it looks like Kim Jong-Il has finally been caught.  I think he died sometime yesterday.  This would be a good thing if it actually meant anything positive to the North Korean people, but his son is taking over and will likely continue the reign of shit.

One good thing did come of this, though: because of his death, I didn't have to do an installment of Dumbass Idea of the Week!  Guys like him dying means I don't have to come up with any super-original content and allows me to be lazy.

So thanks Kimmy, wherever you are, for making my Monday morning a little easier =)

(Still, no clever caption necessary)


dmarks said...

He's one of the poster children for why socialism is a bad idea.

Jersey McJones said...

dmarks, these days the only thing funnier than Kim Jong-Il is the conservative movement in America...

"I'm ronery, so ronery..."


If you think Kim Jong-Il is an example of what modern, Western, liberal socialists would create, then you must imagine that babies come from storks.

Military Totalitarian regimes are not products of socialist movements - they are products of NATIONALIST movements. Just as with anything else, you have to be careful of certain societal movements. But don't confuse a people's movement with what happened in North Korea.

I always looked at it this way: North Korea, thanks to Russia, became China's headache.

China is another matter altogether. It will not tolerate a continuance of Kim's policies.

I think things are about to (slowly) change.

Anyways, none of this has anything to do with "socialism," dmarks. Not at all.

It's interesting enough. Why do you have to embellish everything with partisan nonsense?


Anonymous said...

Here is an incontrovertible fact:
Socialism IS Totalitarianism.

Anyone who fails to realize that qualifies as a classic Useful Idiot



~ FreeThinke

Jack Camwell said...

Although I love the phrase "Better dead than red," words can't express how disappointed I am with your assertion.

George Orwell spent the better part of his life, and volumes of works to show that socialism is not inherently totalitarian.

Communism isn't even inherently totalitarian. Many European countries are considered socialist, but are not in any way totalitarian.

If you want to continue the discussion, I'd be more than happy, but I'd highly encourage you to read more Orwell and Hannah Arendt. Yes, a socialist country CAN be totalitarian, but they're not inherently totalitarian.

William McCullough said...

I believe the term coined to describe modern progressive socialism is totalitarianism covered by a velvet glove.

Simply, whenever government dictates social morality and political correctness it is an infringement on free thought.

Alinsky's modern version of totalitarianism, as practiced by Obama and his robotic lemmings, can be viewed as more of a gentle 'mind-fuck.

Rubber truncheons, gulags and bullets are not necessarily the preferred tools of modern radical socialists....WM