Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ron Paul 2012

As if anyone gives a shit who Jack Camwell endorses for the election, I'm officially saying I support Ron Paul.  I don't agree with him on everything, but I think he's really what this country needs right now.

Ol' Two First Names has my vote.

Seriously.  He will slap the shit out of you.


Jersey McJones said...

"Ol' Two First Names" LOL! That's sounds like something I'd say!

I respect and value your endorsement of Paul. I wish more conservatives would at least take Paul seriously. I give you kudos for that.

I am too much at odds with Paul to support him for president, but I do not have any disrespect for the man. He's quite the intellect.


Harrison said...

With an endorsement like that he might win!

Silverfiddle said...

I love the caption!

D Charles QC said...

Remembering that I am neither American nor live there, I see not enough strength in any of the candidates to be capable of taking down Obama.

Since we are talking about Paul, I wonder if he is to old for the job? He is seven years older than Reagan was when he took office and though I repsect Reagan as being a very good President, he was a very awkward and age-suffering man at the end of his office not to mention all those nigly age-related problems - hearing problems, skin cancer surgery, prostate surgery (three times). Simptoms of alzheimers which was later officiall confirmed (that he had it later, though no comment that he may have suffered during office).

Add another 7 years of age for Paul and goodness knows what the stresses on him would be.

We always have a laugh in Britain that public servants have a manditory age-limit of 65 because of health and capacity to preform duties is questionable but you can leade the country to your death bed.....

ps: a Romney - Gingrich ticket?

Jack Camwell said...

I'm hoping that age won't be a big factor if Paul were to get the nomination.

Everyone made a big stink about McCain being too old, and I think a lot of voters are wishing they had taken their chances with him. I'm probably giving way too much credit to the American electorate, though.

Z said...

Love the caption!

I've been trying to picture a debate stage with 6'2" youthful Obama on one end, deep resonating voice and disarming smile....and...Ron Paul on a stepstool next to him, chicken shoulders and pipsqueak voice responding to Obama attacks...shudder.
I don't think Paul's all bad but if he runs as an Indie, I will. BIG TIME.